Small beauty guide for lazy people |The press

Small beauty guide for lazy people |The press

Do you prefer to sleep 30 more minutes in the morning rather than complete each of your wicks with curling iron or go to the gym unleashing on an elliptical exercise?Pro tips, minute tips and express reflexes to adopt to be beautiful without too much effort.

Publié le 15 avr. 2016Joanie Pietracupa LA PRESSE

Skin care

How to take care of your epidermis on a daily basis without spending hours overlapping the "Japanese" products of products?Anik Kerr-Denis, in charge of scientific relationship with Vichy, tells us everything.

The essential steps: clean, hydrate and protect

"The watchwords when it comes to treating your skin well in the morning and/or in the evening: makeup/cleaning, deep hydration and sun protection.The first step is not used to eliminate all traces of makeup, dirt and debris accumulated during the day or night, it slows down premature skin aging, reduces the hypersensitivity of the skin and rebalances the natural pH of theepidermis.It is therefore an essential gesture.Hydration, on the other hand, can go through the simple application of a basic cream adapted to our needs (anti-acne, anti-aging, anti-redness, "religious", etc..)).The important thing is to know your skin type and choose an appropriate daily treatment.Finally, we do not forget to protect your face from the harmful effects of the UVA and UVB rays, in summer and in winter.Every morning, we therefore apply a thin layer of protective care with an FPS 15 minimum after hydration and before makeup.If you perform these three fast and easy steps every day, your skin will have everything it needs daily.»»

Bye bye, tonic lotion and serum!

"Except for some people who really need an additional boost to decongestize or to feed their epidermis, you can usually drop tonic lotions and moisturizing serums, provided that you use a hyperperformant cleansing and cleansing water and a hyperperformant cleaner andDaily care suitable for our skin type.Also, it is not compulsory to buy a night cream.Usually the day cream is enough to hydrate and treat the epidermis during the dodo.»»

The reign of multitasking products

"If you are a real lazy and the only idea of having to hydrate your epidermis from head to toe every day gives you hives, I recommend that you opt for multifunction products.For example, adopt a BB cream to nourish, tint, illuminate and protect your face from solar rays in two stages, three movements.And choose a "relipidant" body cleaner treatment, without soap and boosted in emollient agents such as shea butter or natural oils.In this way, you can skip the hydration step at the outlet of the shower.»»


David Vincent, an international makeup artist for Lise Watier, reveals his best tips for making a top beauty without forcing too much.

Emphasize its advantages rather than its faults

"Often, when women make up very quickly, they only seek to accomplish one thing: camouflage their imperfections. Elles travaillent donc à la négative (cacher le "laid" plutôt que de mettre en lumière le "beau")) et planquent leurs cernes, boutons, rougeurs et autres rides et ridules à l'aide de différents correcteurs. Résultat ? On ne voit que ça, ces micro zones maquillées-là ! Si on ne dispose que de quelques minutes pour se faire une mise en beauté, je suggère plutôt de trouver son atout principal ou, du moins, l'axe qu'on a envie de mettre de l'avant (yeux, lèvres ou teint)), et de travailler à le mettre en valeur à l'aide des bons produits (mascara épaississant, rouge à lèvres d'une nuance vibrante ou enlumineur nacré, par exemple)). C'est plus simple, fun, ludique et encourageant !»»

A question of age

"There are some basic rules to bring youth and vitality to the makeup of mature women.Since older skins are often crumpled, dull or tired, we want first and foremost bringing light to the complexion.We therefore opt for a beauty paraphernalia made up of a BB cream, a tinted gel for lips and cheeks and a pencil or a powder for eyebrows.These three products will help structure and give a radiance to the face in less than two.Young women with a fresh and united complexion should seek to enhance their eyes and/or their mouths.They could therefore choose a good mascara, a eye pencil and an ultrapigmented lipstick to make their daily beauty.»»

From day to evening

« Comment faire passer un maquillage de jour à un look de soirée ? C'est facile comme tout ! Il suffit d'accentuer les zones d'ombre et les couleurs (en ajoutant un peu de blush ou de poudre bronzante, en superposant les couches d'ombres à paupières, en élargissant un trait de crayon pour les yeux ou d'eyeliner liquide ou en sélectionnant un rouge à lèvres plus foncé ou "punché")) et d'intensifier la brillance des fards utilisés (en choisissant des enlumineurs plus nacrés ou pailletés)).»»

Petit guide beauté pour les paresseuses | La Presse

Find new functions to cosmetics

"I often repeat: we must not fear divert from its primary function a makeup product.For example, a eyeshadow for the eyes of a neutral shade (pink, beige, bronze, silver, etc..)) can also be used to illuminate cheekbones and lips. Attention toutefois de ne pas irriter la zone fragile du contour des yeux en y appliquant un produit originalement destiné à la bouche ou aux joues !»»

Trendy and easy -to -reproduce look ideas

"Good news, super simple vibrant make -up are very in right now.On the bridges of the spring-summer 2016 parades, we saw a lot of eyeliner features and colorful mascaras (blue, green, mauve, etc..)), with the only accompaniment a little lip balm or translucent gloss.The neon mouth, which is highlighted by a cloud of bronzing powder only, is also in fashion.»»


Nicolas Simo expert stuff, technical advisor for Schwarzkopf Professional Canada, to look perfectly styled at all times without crimping the bun.


"Many women wash their hair every morning.It is not necessary and especially not recommended. Laver trop souvent sa chevelure peut irriter ou endommager le cuir chevelu, "délaver" la coloration rapidement (les pigments colorants se dissolvent dans l'eau)) et provoquer une surproduction de sébum, ce qui donne l'impression qu'on a les racines très grasses, même quand ce n'est pas le cas.I suggest making a shampoo every three or four days at most, depending on your hair type, and doing it in the evening, before going to bed.For what ?Because a hair on which we slept has more bodies and volume when morning came.It will therefore be easier and easier to style the next morning.»»

Allow to dry in the open air

"Unless you have very curly or frizzy hair, which is not the case for the majority of Quebecers, you can afford to allow your hair to dry in the open air, after applying a little styling product andraised its roots with your fingers, to give movement and awaken its natural texture. Vos ondulations sont trop défaites ou négligées à votre goût ? Bouclez quelques mèches seulement (celles sur le dessus de la tête et celles qui entourent le visage)) à l'aide d'un fer à friser de diamètre moyen.»»

A fashionable cut

« Si vous disposez de peu de temps (ou d'envie !)) pour vous coiffer le matin, je vous recommande d'adopter une coupe courte tendance, qui vous donnera de l'allure et du style même si vous ne passez pas plus de quelques minutes à la travailler.I am thinking in particular of the square bob at the Taylor Swift, which is as pretty wandered as smoothed to the extreme and which is suitable for almost all hair types and faces of faces.»»

Singeping and effective hairstyle suggestions

“We take advantage of the fact that classic tails and all kinds of braids are in fashion at the moment to use and abuse them.Nothing could be more chic and elegant than a high and voluminous duvet, whose elastic was hidden under a wick of rolled hair. Autre bonne idée : tresser sa chevelure légèrement humide (10 à 15 % d'humidité tout au plus)) le matin avant de défaire la natte après le travail pour obtenir des vagues parfaitement imparfaites de type coiffé-décoiffé à temps pour le 5 à 7.»»

The essentials that we should all have

"Ideally, each woman, regardless of her hair type, should have the following hair products in her possession: a dry shampoo, to space washes and sheaths fine or raplapla hair, a styling foam, to smooth the wicks and make themMore brilliant, a long-lasting fixative, to make the enhancement and volume last, an anti-fryi elixir, to hide the rebel locks and define the waves or the loops, and a BB cream, to hydrate the hair, give itbody and protect it from thermal heat.Interestingly for girls with thick, supplied or extra long mop: there are "drying accelerators" used to reduce the drying time by half.»»


Dino Masson, kinesiologist, private trainer and owner of Yul Fitness, in Montreal, gives his pro tips and his darling drive routines for the perfect lazy.

No need to target the marathon

"The good reflex, in terms of physical training, is not to put too much pressure on to achieve unattainable exploits.It is better to try to accomplish 30 minutes of physical activity per day, at least 5 days per week, which can be divided into 3 times 10 minutes if it sings us.For example, we could take a 20 -minute walk and then make a circuit of five bodybuilding exercises with body weight.This is the basis to keep the shape.»»

Rehearsals, duration and intensity

"The minimum required, to be healthy, is about 150 minutes of physical activity per week.Thirty minutes a day for five days or a full hour three times a week;You can divide your activity periods as you see fit.Walking, gardening, cleaning...It also counts!As long as the body moves and is not just seated in front of a screen.The intensity can vary between being hot for a while and not being able to maintain a conversation up to three minutes at most.In terms of bodybuilding intensity, we are targeting difficult loads for series in 10 or 12 repetitions.Regarding the heart rate, the following formula is respected: between 60 and 80 % of the figure obtained by the equation 220 less your age ".»»

Maximize your training

"To make your routine more effective, you can combine several exercises and carry them out.For example, we choose five specific exercises and carry them out one after the other, without rest.A second good idea: to do exercises that work several muscles at the same time, such as squats, burpees, Chin Ups or simple pumps.To optimize your cardio, we rather make intervals, that is to say that we go up to a very high race intensity for 30 seconds before making 60 to 90 seconds of walking, for example.»»

Top tips to save time

« Voici quelques conseils pour apprendre à mieux s'organiser avant, pendant et après son entraînement : préparer son sac de sport à l'avance, inscrire sa séance d'exercices à son agenda, programmer une alarme de rappel sur son cellulaire, laisser son téléphone au vestiaire (surtout pas de textos ou de selfies pendant la routine d'exercices !)), écouter de la musique rythmée qui nous motive à bouger plus rapidement, penser à son plan d'entraînement dans l'ensemble et toujours faire ses exercices au même endroit.»»

Sports list for lazy girls

“Yoga is always fashionable and works all the muscles of the body, especially the abdominals, as well as balance and stability. Le T-25 et le HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)) sont aussi tendance, quoique très intenses aux niveaux cardiovasculaire et musculaire.Paddle Board works wonders for abdominal muscles and stability, while being fun and fun, and the slackline practices both balance and belly muscles, while developing concentration and meditation.»»