Health: here are 08 good reasons to drink hot water on an empty stomach in the morning

Health: here are 08 good reasons to drink hot water on an empty stomach in the morning

Health: here are 08 good reasons to drink hot water on an empty stomach morning

Most people already know that water is essential for human survival. As a general rule, doctors advise us to drink 1.5 liters of water a day. But did you know that drinking hot water has benefits that you don't get when you drink cold water? Yes, hot water has unsuspected virtues!

Drinking hot water in the morning, on an empty stomach, speeds up the metabolism and allows our body to burn more calories. This morning ritual will also allow you to eliminate the toxins that cause, among other things, the premature aging of cells. Then discover in this article, 08 good reasons to always drink hot water in the mornings

Promotes weight loss

It is by boosting the metabolism in general that drinking hot water helps to lose weight. In the morning on an empty stomach, a cup of hot water with lemon juice promotes the breakdown of fatty tissue. By speeding up its functioning, the body burns calories and eliminates toxins. It is also through a more regular transit and healthy digestion that the body stabilizes, thus reducing cravings.

Hot water dilates blood vessels and therefore facilitates blood flow: oxygen is better routed to the brain. Less pressure in the vessels and more oxygen to the brain help soothe the pain.

Relieves painful periods

By its antispasmodic effect, hot water relaxes the intestinal and abdominal muscles and reduces cramps. The pain caused by menstruation is therefore reduced.

Helps cure colds and sore throats

Thanks to its temperature, water thins and dissolves mucus and mucus caused by infections, rhinitis and angina. As it does with the epidermis, heat dilates the mucous membranes and decongests the nasal cavity and throat. Hot water also reduces coughing and sneezing.

Embellish the hair

The benefits of hydration are felt even on the scalp. A well hydrated hair means less dandruff. On the other hand, by stimulating the metabolism, hair growth is accelerated. Revitalized nerve endings restore hair to its natural shine.

Conversely, cold water closes the cuticles and scales of the hair.

Embellish the skin

The dermis and epidermis also benefit from the hydration effect. Well hydrated skin defends itself better against infectious attacks. Drinking water therefore means having fewer skin problems such as acne for example and pimples in general. After drinking hot water, the body temperature rises. The pores are freed of impurities and toxins are eliminated, the skin becomes more elastic and the skin texture refined.

Promotes better blood circulation

The entire system of vessels being relaxed, blood flow is facilitated, draining oxygen with it. Good blood circulation prevents cardiovascular diseases and reduces the risk of hemorrhoids or varicose veins. The fatty deposits are reduced, even destroyed instead of sticking to the venous or arterial walls.

Facilitates intestinal transit

For the same reason, intestinal transit is also facilitated. Constipation concerns decrease, especially since they are often due to a lack of hydration. Drinking water, hot in addition, breaks down the residues in the intestines, and accelerates the progress of the materials, thus promoting the good evacuation of the stools.

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