Vide-dressing room: how to resell your clothes?

Vide-dressing room: how to resell your clothes?

What if your clothes could become profitable? From now on, before treating yourself to the latest it-piece of the moment, sort through your dressing room and think about reselling your forgotten clothes... To do so effectively, here are the different platforms you need to know.

Sell ​​your luxury items online

Have you ever treated yourself to a pretty luxury piece, which today is unfortunately gathering dust at the bottom of your closet? It's time to get rid of it and think about reselling it. But for these branded pieces, know that there are specialized and adapted platforms.

Sell ​​your ready-to-wear online

Today, you can resell everything… even the little sweater bought on sale at Zara. Certainly, you will not draw a fortune, but as we often say: there is no small economy. Between applications, thrift stores, and empty-dressing rooms... the second hand has become a real godsend for those who like to do bargains.

Vide-dressing room: if you prefer physical sales

For those who prefer to play the merchant for a day, then it will be necessary to favor physical resale points. We think in particular of events such as empty dressing rooms that have become ultra trendy. In 2020, there is no longer any shame in reselling an old garment, quite the contrary, since the second hand is the new trend!

To find out where to find a vide-dressing near you, we advise you to check the website This site is very practical to discover all the existing events, whether you are in France or Belgium! And for fans of social networks, head to Facebook and its many event pages dedicated to your city's wardrobe sales. Thanks to them, you will not miss any opportunity to make a good deal!

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