Thieves pierce the wall of a jewelry near Bordeaux, more than 500,000 euros in stolen jewelry

Thieves pierce the wall of a jewelry near Bordeaux, more than 500,000 euros in stolen jewelry
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ParJules Brelaz, France Bleu Gironde, France Bleu

A jewelry from the Bordeaux metropolis was the target of a spectacular breakage Sunday January 16.The thieves pierced a wall at the back of the establishment located at the Bouscat before taking hold of several hundred thousand euros in jewelry.

Des voleurs percent le mur d'une bijouterie près de Bordeaux, plus de 500.Euros de bijoux dérobés

Did the thieves be inspired by the La Casa de Papel series?A Bouscat jewelry store, in the Bordeaux agglomeration, was the target of a incredible breakage this Sunday, January 16.The Médoc jewelry, located at the Médoc barrier since 1975, was deviated by burglars who dug a wall, disabled cameras and alarms before taking between "500.000 and 800.Euros in jewelry ", according to the prosecution.

Thieves dig a wall

According to the first observations made Sunday by the police, the thieves entered the jewelry by piercing the wall adjoining a neighboring room then unoccupied.They would have used a mass or a picker hammer in order to dig through the partition and enter the jewelry store.

Once inside, the robbers, obviously well prepared, cut the electricity, deactivating the video surveillance cameras in passing.The alarm started at 10:50 am.The criminals would only have stayed on site for a few minutes but the damage is very important.

Estimated damage between 500.000 and 800.Euros

The vice-procureure of the Republic of Bordeaux confirms "big damage".Thieves would have seized gold jewelry creations of an estimated value between 500.000 and 800.Euros.The investigations are entrusted to specialized investigators in departmental security.

Jules BrelazFrance Bleu Gironde