PS5: A functionality eagerly awaited by fans finally arrives!

PS5: A functionality eagerly awaited by fans finally arrives!

She has been expected for a very long time by the players on PS5!In recent hours, some have finally been able to take advantage of this very practical function.MCE TV gives you more details.

Finally available on PS5

Available since November 19, 2020, the PS5 delights many gamers.It is still necessary that console fans manage to get their hands on it.

Indeed, even today, Sony's latest jewel remains difficult to find in shops.This is indeed due to ruptures of historical stocks never known before.

But you should still know that some 600,000 lucky people still managed to get the new Sony console in France.Indeed, there are still many to take advantage of the PS5 and all its new features.

But although they are happy and rather satisfied with the PS5, it must be admitted that the Sony console still has its small faults.Indeed, some very popular features of players are lacking in the console.

PS5: une fonctionnalité très attendue par les fans débarque enfin !

Fortunately, one of them has just landed on the console delighting gamers!This function which arrives finally is actually an option that players already knew.

This is indeed the sharing of videos and other screenshots made with the console.It is true that the PS5 already made it possible to directly upload content on YouTube or Twitter.

But it was still necessary to use a USB key to recover its content before having it on your computer for example.Eh yes.From now on, it will be much faster and easier!We tell you more.

Easy sharing

In recent hours, this Wednesday, January 26, 2022, PS5 players have therefore rediscovered a very practical function on their console.This new function is available within the console “Galerie Media” section.

The PS5 also displays a message that tells the player that it is now possible to automatically upload the content he captured towards the PlayStation App of his smartphone.So, just go to "Captures" to directly watch the videos and other screenshots made upstream on the PS5.

Be aware that the contents remain available on the application for 14 days.Just that !This gives the player time to recover them or share them.So good news for players on PS5!

Indeed, you should know that this function has already been available on the Xbox app for months already.So she took more time to arrive for the Sony console.

Besides, if you don't have it yet, don't panic!For the moment, it seems that it is only available for some North America players.Eh yes.

But, a priori, it should not be long for other players around the world.In addition, an update of the system would not necessarily be necessary to take advantage of it.Indeed, the new function should be deployed directly on the Sony servers.