Bodyactivism, Model career Ashley Graham confides in Vogue Paris

Bodyactivism, Model career Ashley Graham confides in Vogue Paris

Where do you come from, Ashley Graham? From a small town full of shopping centers and departure blinds, but without real access to fashion with a large m.My mother grew up in a family of farmers who dressed in an extremely functional way, not to express their personality.She has always been nicely dressed, but it was only by starting my modeling career, going to New York and Paris, that I understood what the style was.

What memory do you keep from your beginnings? I especially remember my first parade for Lane Bryant (an American brand of large ready-to-wear, note), when I was 15 years old.It was a real event, with celebrities and a performance by Aerosmith.After the show, we went to dinner with the group.I had no idea who they were.I sat down near the guitarist and, in good teenager trying to conversation to an adult, I asked him: "And if not, what do you do in life?"

What is the shoot that changed everything for you? The one I did for Sports Illustrated Swim.When my agent told me that they had chosen me, I cried, quite stupidly.Ask any American model what is her goal in life, there is a good chance that she quotes you Vogue and Sports Illustrated.I went to the shoot without knowing that I was an option for the coverage.Putting myself in the newspaper could already be considered a sufficient audacity.

Bodyactivism, carrière de mannequin Ashley Graham se confie à Vogue Paris

The best moment in your career so far? What has followed: the revelation of my coverage, live on TV.I was so excited that I snatched the microphone from the hands of Nick Cannon, who presented the evening, and I dropped something absurd like: "I take power!"It was at this precise moment that I realized that the future was going to be different from what I had imagined.My career, of course.But perhaps also the fashion industry.Before Sports Illustrated, I had trouble being heard as "Body Activist".However, I had already co -founded a group of large models, I was going to speak in schools, I had made a Ted Talk...My desire to develop mentalities was not new.This cover has not only shown that round women were entitled to magazine blankets, but that the good models are more than a pretty FRIMOUSS.