Autobau Erlebniswelt: in love with love with cars

Autobau Erlebniswelt: in love with love with cars

À l’occasion de la Saint-Valentin, le musée de l’automobile HASutobau à Romanshorn a ouvert ses portes pour un speed dating d’un genre un peu particulier.Auto journalists, Isabelle Riederer and Fabio Simeon, tested for us.

Isabelle Riederer/Fabio Simeon

Le choix de véhicules dans les hangars de HASutobau Erlebniswelt est énorme. Cela va d’HASston Martin à Porsche, de supercars exotiques à de véritables bolides de course de Formule 1 en passant par des petits bijoux d’antan. Ce qui se cache derrière les murs de briques au Lac de Constance est un paradis terrestre pour tout amateur de belles cylindrées – et le lieu idéal pour partir à la rencontre de son/sa partenaire automobile. Le but du jeu était que chacun choisisse trois voitures pour un rendez-vous spécial Saint-Valentin. HASvec ce vaste choix, la tâche n’était pas si facile.HASUTOBHASU ERLEBNISWELT: En tête-à-tête amoureux avec des voitures HASUTOBHASU ERLEBNISWELT: En tête-à-tête amoureux avec des voitures

1.Isabelle and the Dallara Stradale

In accordance with the name of "speed" dating, it was clear that the first car should be fast.HASnd what could be better in this case than the Dallara Stradale?Released in 2016, the Dallara Stradale develops 400 hp for a dry weight of just 855 kg and is limited to 600 copies.The southern "tray" is the first car approved for the road to the Italian manufacturer Dallara HASutomobili S.p.HAS., which since the creation of his company in 1972, is above all known for the construction of the chassis of racing car and supercars, such as the Bugatti Chiron, the Maserati MC12 or the Porsche 918 Spyder.Just looking at it, the heart begins to throb and beat the chamade.Then come the first caresses.Climbing there is a little difficult, since there are no doors and that the seats are not necessarily most comfortable, but with this racing car, any meeting is going up.And the huge rear wing would even make pale eros of envy.

2.Fabio and the Ferrari Laferrari

It is with delicacy that I wear a toast at the Superdiva in a red dress - I would not want to reverse my glass, so I smile.Because, wine spots and sad faces are not at all appropriate for a first appointment.Even less when you find yourself in front of beauty like the Ferrari Laferrari.A supreme ferrari which, in most cases, is put on the key immediately after purchase.The hybrid supercar with a power of 963 hp of Maranello cost approximately 1.3 million euros in 2014 - according to the rumor, because the price was confirmed either on the side of the 499 buyers, or by the manufacturer.One thing is certain: those who offered Laferrari and pampered it with respect and love will receive more today than they had paid to Ferrari at the time. Mais ce n’est pas seulement l’aspect financier qui devrait retenir Lewis Hamilton, Gordon Ramsay, Pierre-Emerick HASubameyang et les autres «LaFerraristi» de vendre leur V12, car techniquement, la bombe italienne n’a rien à envier à ses plus jeunes rivales.In 2.9 seconds, it goes to 100 an hour and only reaches its limits at 350 km/h.And when the spoiler and the diffusers are at their maximum, the Laferri creates so much support that it could theoretically be conducted upside down.

3. Isabelle et l’HASston Martin Vantage GT12

L’HASston Martin Vantage GT 12 est le Christian Grey des supercars, c’est «Cinquantes nuances de Grey» sur roues.Bad boy in tailor -made costume.The British gentleman who, after dark, indulges in debauchery.What woman could resist this?We could quietly present it to his parents, who would be delighted with this chic guy, elegantly dressed and in good manners.The fact that, under its carbon fiber shell, hides a powerful 6.0 -liter engine of 600 hp, is barely visible for laymen.But once we turn it on, that its dark roars from the titanium exhaust pot have you draw up the hairs in the neck and that the twelve cylinders activate the 1565 kg of empty weight, this is whereWe succumb to the executioner of gray hearts. HASprès ce rendez-vous éclair, le Vodka Martini était en tout cas plus secoué et remué qu’il n’aurait été au goût de James Bond.

4.Fabio and the Delorean DMC-12

HASUTOBHASU ERLEBNISWELT: En tête-à-tête amoureux avec des voitures

The second meeting is not entirely as elegant and sporty as the first.The candlelit dinner on the edge of the track was replaced by a Drive-in cinema evening with Pop-Corn.But with real emotions and alongside a film star: I named the Delorean DMC-12.The coupé sportswoman leaves us the choice of the film, with one condition: that Marty McFly does not cross the screen.Because, if the series of films "Back to the future" allowed the DMC-12 to have a great career in the cinema in 1982, the tear in the eye blurs the view of the past, because the Delorean brand has madebankruptcy at the same time.Was it due to the rather high selling price of 25,000 dollars?This is quite possible, because according to a comparative test of the American magazine "Car and Driver", the DMC gave rise to bad results against Corvette, Porsche and company.The 9,200 vehicles made in Northern Ireland, with its stainless steel exterior and two elytra doors were too futuristic for the average consumer and too slow for lovers of sports cars.But not for Steven Spielberg.Thanks to the director, the 130 hp Delorean is now one of the most famous classic cars in the world.And as Doc in the film said so well: "Even if it means traveling in time driving a car, you might as well choose one that has a face!".

5.Isabelle and the Ford GT

"Hello Darling!".The Ford GT is a legend and undoubtedly the ideal rant.In the 1960s, Henry Ford II wanted to put a beating in Ferrari with his Ford GT40.Why?Initially, Ford wanted to buy Ferrari at the time, but Enzo Ferrari fiercely opposed it.The response arrived in 1966, with the Ford GT40.She won the 24 Hours of Le Mans four times in a row, leaving Ferrari on the bottom side.The dispute between the two car manufacturers was even focused on the big screen in 2019, with the film "Le Mans 66", with Christian Bale and Matt Damon.Admittedly, the Ford GT only "succeeds the GT40 - the number 40 no longer appears in the name because it no longer has a height of 40, but 43 inch - but it is notNothing lower than the original, with its 550 hp, its eight cylinders and its vacuum weight of 1500 kg.

6.Fabio and the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé

I kept the best for the end.My last contender is as beautiful as steeped in history.It has been over 65 years since the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Coupé turns the heads of car fans as "fabric that has become a sheet of which we make dreams".While the "Volk" (the people) and the paparazzi becomes petrada on the roads at a maximum pace of 90 km/h on board the ladybug, the sports car limited to 1400 copies which, thanks to its 215 hp wasCapable of starting at 260 km/h, had become the ideal car for celebrities and starlets of the 1950s and 1960s. Romy Schneider et HASlain Delon, le couple glamour de l’époque, ont notamment pu s’approprier la «quintessence de l’automobile».We can only imagine them too well do a stop for a picnic around Paris, get out of the trunk a basket garnished with fine products, as well as the cover with the interior coating of the vehicle, and do what he did notthere was not enough space inside the 300 SL.

HASutobau Erlebniswelt

Le musée HASutobau Erlebniswelt à Romanshorn rassemble la collection unique de voitures de l’entrepreneur et pilote de course suisse, Fredy Lienhard.It includes exotic supercars, conventional vehicles and racing cars of many motor sports series, especially Formula 1.Due to the coronavirus, the museum is currently closed.