10 solar and inspiring shots of icons in long dresses

10 solar and inspiring shots of icons in long dresses

If the liberating wave of the Sixties led to its wake the appearance of the mini skirt, created on both sides of the Channel by Mary Este et Courrèges, the long dress remained nonetheless an essential of the female locker room.While this year, this is one of the flagship trends of summer blowing a bohemian wind in our summer wardrobe, flashback in the 70s to draw inspiration from the fashion icons of the time.If Claudia Cardinale chose it Fleurie, Françoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot with graphic patterns, Dalida with Madras fabric, Ali McGraw in a flamboyant red, the long white dress made a big favorite.Ultra bohemian for Anita Pallenberg, Greek inspiration for Priscilla Presley, with bare shoulders for Bianca Jagger, Nushy Spirit for Jane Birkin or Sage and Timeless for Jerry Hall, Back in pictures on our Favorite Long Dresses carried by the icons.

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10 clichés solaires et inspirants d'icônes en robes longues

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10 shots of icons in long dresses: