Where and how to sell online clothes and accessories?

Where and how to sell online clothes and accessories?

Mode to resell your brand clothes (and your unwanted Christmas gifts?) On the internet, is there better than Leboncoin.

By Julien Lambea

From our point of view, throwing old clothes is a crime.Unless a room is completely unusable, it can always find a second life and a new owner.We also all have in our cabinets this slightly clairical jacket that a burst of self -confidence encouraged us to buy but which has never been worn.It can also happen to gain or lose weight, even change your style ... and a whole bunch of other reasons that can push us to want to get rid of a room.Rather than polluting again (very often, making clothes, it pollutes) by throwing these clothes that you can no longer see in painting, they can probably find a buyer and bring you money.Not bad is not it ?In addition, thanks to the Internet, it's easy to find takers.Follow the leader.

Where to buy and sell online?

Vestiaire Collective

We no longer present collective cloakroom.Launched in France in 2009 under the name of a cloakroom of girlfriends, it has become in a few years the fashion and used luxury giant.The site has managed to transpose the experience of online physical replacement by controlling the authenticity of 100% of the parts sold on the platform on its premises before sending it to the buyer.For those who would like to avoid the formalities of the sale of a part, a collective cloakroom even launched a concierge system.

During a sale on a collective locker room, the site takes up to 20% commission (25% with the concierge service).


Grailed is "the biggest marketplace in the world for male fashion and streetwear".Launched in 2013, this platform which brings together a community composed mainly of connoisseurs has become one of the best places to find rare pieces, grails (“grail” in French) as we say in the jargon: you see this bomberRaf Simons camouflage worn by Rihanna and Kanye West?Someone offers it for $ 42,000 on Grailed.In addition to the traditional protection offered by Paypal (an essential payment method to be able to buy and sell properly on Grailed), the site offers an additional warranty for buyers and sellers, which guarantees refund in the event of a dispute.

Grailed takes 6% commission per part sold (not to mention the paypal costs).


Où et comment vendre des vêtements et accessoires (d'occasion) en ligne ?

Positioned on a niche similar in a collective cloakroom, Vacu-Dressing does not control each article by hand but has homemade technology which allows its lawyers to “detect counterfeits before their online with an efficiency of 99.9%”And offers real control over demand in case of doubt.

The Vacu-Dressing Commission is 15% between 3 and 300 €.

The RealReal

Important American actor in second-hand luxury, The Realreal even has shops in the United States.If it seems relatively complex to sell anything when you live outside the American continent, the site delivers in France.


Relatively recent actor in second -hand online fashion, Vinted overturns the usual scheme: Selling on vinted is completely free, it is the buyer who pays a commission of 5% (+$ 0.70) to have protectionIf the product is not sent, damaged or non -compliant.Unlike the previous sites, the selection of products sold on Vinted is generally less luxury oriented.


Depop is the social network for the resale of Sapes.Even if we can buy via the site, the experience is clearly made for the smartphone app where we can see what our friends like, buy and sell.It is clearly more organized than sale via Instagram but it looks a lot like it.

Depop takes a commission of 10% and requires concluding its transactions via Paypal in order to benefit from insurance in the event of a dispute.


Ebay, even if sometimes we forget, remains one of the best places to sell fashion without paying too much commission (8%).Although the site watches over the grain, watch out for counterfeits and allergy to the auction system ...


Named in reference to the Exchange stock, Stockx is really the Sneakers scholarship.The company based in Detroit does the intermediary between so many buyers and resellers of sneakers that it allows to know the rating of a pair at a given time.On Stockx, you can only buy and sell sneakers, handbags, watches and streetwear in new condition (even for the box when it comes to sneakers).The system is a bit special: buyers place an offer on a model they want while sellers require a price.When supply and demand meet, the transaction is made.The seller sends the object to Stockx (in Detroit or London), which is responsible for checking its authenticity and then sending it to the buyer.Thanks to this intermediary, the two parties remain anonymous.The commission varies from 9.5% to 8% depending on the seniority of the seller except for bags (14.5%) and watches (12.9%).

How to sell online?

Avant toute chose, n’hésitez pas à aller faire un tour chez le retoucheur :

A repaired room with all its buttons will always sell more and/or more easily than with missing holes and buttons.

Nettoyez :

A clean and well -ironed garment makes you want and encourage the buyer to give you a good feedback if he appreciates the object received.

Prenez des photos :

Give yourself a good camera or even a smartphone and immortalize the room you want to sell on a simple background with good lighting (if possible, natural light).Take an overview of the object of your sale from different angles as well as details.The more good the photos and make you want, the more likely you have to seduce the potential buyer.To improve the confidence of others, you can register your username on the platform you use on a piece of paper visible in the photo and thus ensure that you do not use third-party photos of an object thatmight not be contractual.

Sachez prendre des mesures :

Buy a tailor ribbon and look at the part you need to sell to measure: total length, handle length, shoulder width with shoulder, torso width, size, hem, ...

Rédigez une annonce :

As a rule, you must at least specify the brand, size or size and state of what you want to sell.The more precise you are, the more we will tend to trust you.So add a description, clarification on color and matter, precise measurements, the presence of defects, the original price ...

If the delivery depends on you, specify the estimated time and the additional price according to the destination.Also indicate if you have the option of sending a follow -up number.

Fixez un prix :

Try to compare with announcements of similar parts to find out which price to set according to the “competition”.The more reasonable you are, the more your room may go quickly.

Négociez :

Once your announcement is online, there is a good chance that potential buyers seek to negotiate.Plan a reasonable margin for you and for them and stay courteous.You may even be able to make new friends.

Good luck (and do not hesitate to reinvest in a new wardrobe)!