Kaia Gerber in turn cracks for this 90s trend

Kaia Gerber in turn cracks for this 90s trend

The young model brings up this jacket from another decade, and the result is ultra cool.

The sleeveless sweater has made a spectacular return in recent years in our cabinets.But what about sleeveless jackets?Popularized in the 90s, mainly in a jacket version, this jacket experienced a decline a few decades later.But today, she is on the rise again and Kaia Gerber is the first convinced of this.The young model was indeed seen in the streets of Los Angeles with a jacket from the last century.And the result is final: Ultra Cool.

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How to wear the sleeveless jacket in 2022?

Kaia Gerber craque à son tour pour cette tendance des années 90

According to Kaia Gerber, it takes little to make this jacket ultra trendy.Cindy Crawford's daughter indeed has the same gift for fashion as her mother, and manages to look at any garment.For her relaxed look, the young woman puts on a sleeveless fisherman's style jacket and with a tired black appearance.To include this retro part in contemporary fashion, it uses this tip that works each time: associate it with the most trendy parts of the moment.She therefore chose to wear it on a sowed gray hoodie, the cup of recent years, which she mixes with a simple leggings.Always at the forefront of the latest trends, the young woman opts for a pair of black sneakers and the socks she carries over her leggings-as the girls now do-and brings a sportswear air that welove to assume in 2022.Kaia Gerber therefore found the ideal parade to bring this retro piece again which gives a touch of originality to its TOP Trend outfit.

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