Playdate pre-orders will open on July 29

Playdate pre-orders will open on July 29

Well, it's the cold shower!

For the moment impossible to go to the end, it was $ 238,81 taxes included without the shipping costs which remains correct.

But port fees that is what gets stuck.For the moment impossible to have this shipped this in France.Hoping that they correct before all the first consoles left.

Les pré-commandes de la Playdate ouvriront le 29 juillet

Edit: Well, contrary to what they had said, it is "Out of Stock".So they removed the basket console and I can order the cover if I want, they deliver it!

The delirium was to have it from the start to receive the games as I go, I think I'm going to drop.From here that they solve the problem we will be mid 2022, too much, late!

Edit 2: They have updated their blind and now it goes… but for 2022!I took one anyway but I am disgusted!We can no longer buy anything in this shit world!

That's $ 270.43 taxes included with the cover, around € 227