Peak Design Tack Amazon with humor for plagiarizing one of his photo bags

Peak Design Tack Amazon with humor for plagiarizing one of his photo bags
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Peak Design, known for its photo bags with the original shape has just responded to Amazon who copied the design of one of their bags.In a creaky humor video, Peak Design tackles the e-commerce giant and it's pretty well seen.

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For a few years, Peak Design has redistributed cards a bit in terms of leather goods for photo equipment.Their bags have a unique design quite easily recognizable.So when Amazon offers a new strap bag almost exactly the format of the Everyday Sling released in 2017, but for a third of the price, Peak Design wanted to answer.Through a short video of 1 min 30 s, the Californian firm tackles with fierce humor the giant of online sales.

Amazon basics, accessible products but not always original

Amazon basics products can be of quality and allow all budgets to afford products of all kinds at low prices such as cables, household linen or, here, photo bags.Nevertheless, the designers of the company could have force a little bit to offer a slightly different bag.

In addition to the materials which offer a similar external rendering and almost identical straps or handles, the Amazon Basics logo is installed, as on the Peak Design, on a imitation label, of the same shape and placed in the same place as on the original bag.

Same design, same name

In the same vein, the initial name of the Amazon bag was ... Everyday Sling, even the name had been copied!But, since the online of the video of Peak Design, the bag has been tested to be renamed "Amazon Basics Camera Bag".However, at the time of writing these lines, it is still possible to find the trace of the "original" name in the URL of the product page (Oops!).

To enhance its know-how and products, Peak Design highlights the sustainability of its materials or the lifetime guarantee that is applied to its equipment.The brand also explains that workers who make their bags would be paid properly.Amazon which does not really deliver the same type of service thus easily lower the cost of production.

Difficult to file a complaint against the giant

According to our colleagues from The Verge who interviewed Peak Design, the company installed in San Francisco does not intend to file a complaint for plagiarism, even if it considers that Amazon has broken its intellectual property.

The company founded by Jeff Bezos would be customary for these practices, but it is complicated for relative small businesses to oppose them head -on.In this, the humorous sequence of Peak Design is rather well found and will surely be able to make them good advertising.

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Please do not make such reductive and insulting shortcuts, you know nothing about my private life.

And your examples are completely next to the plaque… Here Amazon copies a concept, sometimes sells it at a loss to bring the box behind the bankrupt concept and buy it, or they banish the box of the Amazon platform once'They copied their products.

Decathlon and your other examples resell lower quality copies made in China or other.Amazon begins by facilitating the sale of brand products, the copies to sell them cheaper, then banish the brand or gets hard to have them bankrupt.