How to adjust a dispute on Vinted?

How to adjust a dispute on Vinted?

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Vinted is an application, clothing sales platform, bag, online shoe since 2008, it is becoming more and more famous all over the world, thanks to its various sales, purchase and exchange of items between items betweena buyer and a seller.Disputes on vintéd are possible either for the buyer or for the seller.The customer service of this platform ensures to pay any kind of dispute, and offers a refund if necessary.Discover with us how to be able to avoid disputes on vinted, but also how to adjust them in several simple and fast methods.

How can we avoid disputes on Vinted?

Disputes are a kind of disagreement between the buyer and the seller on Vinted, as it may be a problem of non-compliance, unrevised package or other.In order to avoid disputes in all its forms, you must take a few points into account, for example:

Comment régler un litige sur Vinted ?

The verification of the note (of the seller or the buyer)

Before doing any transaction on the platform, it is essential to check the note.The latter allows for much more information on the quality of the items, payment, delivery ... so remember to always look at customer comments if you want to buy some second -hand items, and in case you are theseller, you can check if the buyer tends to cancel the transactions.And pay attention to false profiles.

Sales evidence

To avoid a dispute, it is advisable to always have evidence either of deposit or payment, for example when you sell an item, do not forget to take a picture to have evidence that it is in conformity, and that'Buyer cannot say the opposite or open a dispute.And if you are going to buy an item, remember to keep proof of payment.

Avoid fakes

This is a big problem, because although Vinted asks the sellers to indicate the logo and the mark of each article to verify its authenticity, but counterfeiting is not impossible so, you have to know how to recognize the articles ofvalues.On the other hand, it is possible that a seller sends a luxury item (a brand bag), but when receiving the buyer opens a dispute that the item is not authentic.

Report vendors/dishonest buyers

If you have already been a dispute victim, try to denounce and report the dishonest person to prevent other customers from falling into the same trap as you.To report the person, simply enter their profile and you will find the "Report" option.

How to adjust a dispute on Vinted?

To settle any type of dispute, you must inform Vinted's customer service team, and to do this, access the discussion with the seller and click on the "I have a problem" option.This process must be done within 2 days of receipt of the item, otherwise it is no longer possible to do it and benefit from a refund.In the event that you have respected the delay, Vinted will suspend the transaction and try to find an agreement between the buyer and the seller.Then, if after five days, you cannot find an agreement, it is up to Vinted to decide whether you will receive a refund or not.It is also possible to file a complaint in the dispute settlement platform made by the e-commerce federation and distance selling in France, in order to help you find a solution that is suitable for both sides.

When can we have a dispute on Vinted?

Disputes on vintéd make it possible to suspend the transaction until the problem is solved on both sides.Indeed, it is possible that a customer will open a dispute in several and different cases, in order to find the solution.Among the most frequent causes of dispute opening, there is:

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