A first trailer for the animated series Shenmue

A first trailer for the animated series Shenmue

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Chrunchyroll, Adult Swim and the Japanese studio Telecom Animation Film has just lifted the veil on the first trailer for the animated series adaptation of Shenmue.A series in thirteen episodes whose broadcast should start in the course of next year.

Despite its critical success and its aura, the sagaest a curious choice for an adaptation in animated series.She lends herself there, without a doubt, but we cannot say that she has the same popularity as Castlevania or League of Legends for example.

However, Crunchyroll is preparing to broadcast a series in thirteen episodes, the realization of which has been entrusted to the Japanese studio Telecom Animation Film, to whom we owe, among other things, the Tower of God or the film Lupine III: Le Tombeauby Daisuke Jigen.It is Chikara Sakurai (One Punch Man Season 2) who is at the head of the project, while Yû Suzuki held the position of executive producer.Judging by the trailer broadcast today, this adaptation promises in any case to be completely faithful to the original material.See you next year to discover it on the famous on-demand video service, recently passed into the lap of Sony.

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Une première bande-annonce pour la série d'animation Shenmue

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So it's really over-interpreting what I say.

In the case of Shenmue it is precisely certain archaic choice which shows that certain new rule are better than the old, precisely because these news noticed something that was wrong with the old one.

To synthesize: my criticism does not go with the idea "the choice of the first person is better than the fixed camera or the shoulder camera for Resident Evil" because it does not make sense given that these games play with their Achitecture andare thought of around their achitecture. It is rather to say that it is better to attribute to a platform game a button to jump rather than the high button.

Shenmue 3 to this kind of concern

After Shenmue 3 to other concerns.