Intelligent bells that is at the door?

Intelligent bells that is at the door?

L’augmentation en flèche des achats en ligne, au cours de la dernière année, a multiplié les livraisons de colis. Elle a aussi accéléré l’adoption d’articles comme les sonnettes et les judas intelligents, dotés de caméras. Sonnettes intelligentes Qui est à la porte ? Sonnettes intelligentes Qui est à la porte ?

Publié le 10 mars 2021
Danielle BonneauLa Presse

"There is undeniably a craze for this type of product," notes Jean-MichelMartin, director of the Home Depot store in the Saint-Henri district in Montreal.Everyone had to convert to online order, and many people have discovered that it is practical.This has accelerated the transition to technologies that make the experience more pleasant and safer experience.»»

Cameras no longer need to be connected to a sophisticated security system to show the face of the person in front of your door.They are notably integrated into intelligent bells and Judas.Connected to the house wifi, these have a motion detector.

When someone presents himself in the field of the camera, this triggers an alert.When you receive the notification, you can see who is there, on your cell phone or on a small screen, and you can start a conversation, to say for example where to leave the package.It is not unidirectional.We can exchange.

Jean-MichelMartin, director of the Home Depot store of the Saint-Henri district in Montreal

Sonnettes intelligentes Qui est à la porte ?

He notes a great craze for these products."With the pandemic, we all heard stories of package flight," he continues.It has become a concern.»»

Different models of smart bells exist.The most popular are of the Ring and Google Nest brand, and some can be twinned with an intelligent lock, specifies M.Martin."Some cameras have the option of doing facial recognition," he said.Products can be programmed to control access to the house.The door gets rid of, for example, when children are back from school.Different products meet different needs.»»

Growth already started

The increase in sales of various products associated with home automation and connected home was already started long before the pandemic, says ThierryLopez, director of marketing and corporate business, for Quebec, at Best Buy Canada."Everyone has a smartphone and uses it more and more," he says.When they buy new smart devices, people want to understand how they work and are ready to adopt them.»»

The cameras are among the devices that have made their way in the smart home the fastest, he said."There are very practical features that allow you to have a peaceful mind as a parent, for example, to find out who is back and who leaves, or to make sure that baby sleeps in his room.Cameras were then integrated into other products, such as bells.»»

"It's interesting to see the layout of various technologies, adds Stephan Verreault, member of the Geek Squad at Best Buy Canada.Whether you are at the office or at the grocery store, you can for example, thanks to the smart doorbell, see the cleaning lady who arrives, and then set off the door from a distance, thanks to a smart lock.»»

It is important above all to rely on a good WiFi network, he specifies.Intelligent bells, whether they connect to an existing wired system or operate with batteries, are easy to install.They can simply work and send notifications, without saving."People can also record what's going on outside and store data in a cloud," says M.Lopez.There are then monthly costs.It is important to do your homework and analyze your needs.»»

Intelligent bells, moreover, mainly belong to two ecosystems: Google Home (Google Nest brand) or Alexa (Ring, Amazon brand).Again, it is better to look at all the smart items offered to choose compatible products."It will be easier to use," notes M.Lopez.We don't want to end up with five different applications.»»

New needs stimulate creativity.Ontario Danby, known for its small refrigerators, has developed an intelligent box, called Parcel Guard, to keep the packages in safety.This one, compatible with Alexa and Google Home, has a motion detector and a camera, and keeps the packages in a safe place, sheltered from the weather. « Les entreprises élargissent leurs horizons»», constate Jean-MichelMartin.

« Les produits répondent de plus en plus aux besoins d’une population active et occupée, note aussi ThierryLopez.A few years ago, they were very expensive and reserved for lovers of new technologies.They are now much more affordable and simple to use.»»