Our most beautiful selection of pendants and cat holders for cats in 2022

Our most beautiful selection of pendants and cat holders for cats in 2022

It is important to identify your cats that roam around your home, so that you can be quickly found if they venture too far. For this, there are address pendants for cats, which combine design with utility.

Buying an identification collar for a kitten is reassuring for its masters. The little cat thus keeps the contact details of its owners on it at all times. There are different types of address tag collars for cats: some come in the form of an engraved pendant, while others look like tubes that you have to unscrew to slip a piece of paper inside. In both cases, they are small, very light accessories that do not bother the cat at all. Nor can he get rid of them alone, at the risk of losing them in the wild, thus losing all means of identification. Your cat has just been sterilized and you will soon allow him to walk outside? Equip it properly with a personalized cat collar: engraved pendant or address tube, you're spoiled for choice. Let yourself be guided by our comparison to choose the best model.


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The Trixie cat address tag, with a shiny finish

Very compact and lightweight, this cat identification tube has a polished and shiny finish. Just unscrew it to put your details inside. The address holder incorporates a small ring on the top, which allows it to easily hang on the collar. Completely waterproof, this little box will in no way hinder your cat's movements. Very solid, it resists shocks as well as bites and scratches. The capsule is large enough to accommodate a rolled up piece of paper. It is the ideal solution to stop worrying when your cat is late in the evening.

The Alohha cat pendant, with small bells

Available in several colors, this pendant will tastefully complete a personalized cat collar. It weighs only 40 grams and your pet won't even smell it. The little bells are made of chrome plated copper and will not rust. As for the pendant loop, it is large and wide enough to fit most cat collars. This design accessory is also water resistant and suitable for cats and dogs. This lot consists of two pendants with bells.

Our finest selection of pendants and door - addresses for cats in 2022

Ukcoco cat bell pendants, stainless steel

Easy to attach to a cat collar, these little bells are crafted from metal and feature an intricately finished finish. They are suspended from a solid ring, which attaches to the collar. Very light with their weight of 18 g each, these 16 mm diameter bells do not hinder the animal's movements in any way. They are also resistant to corrosion and impact. Your cat will not be able to detach them himself: there is no risk of him swallowing them! These pendants are suitable for both cats and dogs. Do not hesitate !

Aribari address pendants, with a secure closure

Made of metal, these cat collar tubes have no sharp edges that could hurt the animal. They are only 3 cm long and weigh 5 g each: they are therefore suitable for all morphologies of cats, but also for small dogs. In addition, these pendants incorporate an easy attachment system, with a ring that you can attach to the harness, like a key ring. Very robust, this pendant closes with a quality thread. You can even add a dot of glue to further secure it.

Why buy a pendant or address tag for your cat?

The address pendant for cats is the ideal solution for identifying your pet when it leaves your home. You can fill in your contact details so that you can be easily found in the event of a problem. This way, people who come across your animal in the street can be sure that it is not a stray cat. He is not likely to end up in the pound! In addition, if he is found far from your home or if he suffers an accident, you can be contacted quickly.

In addition, the pendant engraved with the contact details of the owner or the address holder can play a very aesthetic role. There are really design models, matching the cat's collar, which propel it to the height of feline trends!

Finally, pendants and address tags weigh only a few grams. They therefore absolutely do not interfere with the movements of the animal, whatever its age and morphology.

What is the difference between a pendant and a cat tag?

The address tag and the cat pendant do not have the same use. The pendant has a decorative use and gives style to the animal. With a pendant, your cat is the most beautiful!

As for the address holder, it is a more pragmatic accessory, since it is a small tube in which you can leave your contact details. This way, if your cat gets lost, the person who finds it can call you directly.

Pendants and address tags can however be combined, since there are pendants engraved with the telephone number and address of cat owners. As for the address holders, they come in many designs and some are real gems. It is the ideal solution to personalize your cat's collar while identifying your animal.

How to choose an address tag for your cat?

To choose the best address tag for your little cat, you must carefully check the quality of the accessory. As this small tube will contain important information, it is essential that it is very solid. If you buy it online, do not forget to consult customer reviews before you decide: you can get an idea from the experience of previous users.

Also choose a waterproof cat address collar. If your pet likes to explore in the rain, your contact details will be well protected.

Also choose an address pendant that has a secure attachment system. It must not leave your pet's collar, otherwise you risk losing both the cat and the pendant.

Finally, the capacity of the tube must be large enough to hold readable coordinates. You will definitely put a rolled or folded piece of paper in it.

Alternatively, if design is important to you, scroll through several designs until you find the perfect pendant that matches your furball's fur.

Are cat address tags really useful?

Yes, cat carriers have a real use. They allow the animal to be recognized in the event of a runaway. This is a very effective way to reassure owners when their cat goes on the road. They know that their little companions will not get lost, even if they stray far from their home.

An address tag can therefore change the life of your cat. You never let him out because you're afraid he won't come in? Learn to trust him by hanging an address pendant around his neck. Your furball will finally be able to discover its external environment, which will have a significant impact on its mental well-being. You will feel your cat more fulfilled and happier.

How to prevent your cat from losing its pendant?

The buckle of pendants and address tags is designed not to come off on its own. A priori, your cat will therefore not lose its pendant, unless it loses its entire collar. However, if you are afraid that your pet will scratch his little address tube, you can put it on him only when he goes out: he will have less opportunity to play with it!

When you buy the pendant, also make sure that it has a very solid attachment system. Just in case, remember to get a spare pendant. There are precisely packs of pendants comprising fifteen or twenty models.

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