But what does Jade Lagardère make?

But what does Jade Lagardère make?

In a "question and answer" published Sunday in the Stories of the Instagram account of Jade Foret, a surfer asked the question: "single?".Surprise: the wife of Arnaud Lagardère, mother of his three children, then replies: "Yes".Married since 2013, the French industrialist, 58, and the Belgian model, 28, had lived for some time in the shade of the radars, after having - was mocked in the media.In question, above all, a video - today cult - of the couple's sexy session of the couple for the Belgian publication Le Soir Magazine, in 2012, in which Jade and Arnaud, assorted in fuchsia, clams that "it's serious"Between two annoying kisses.

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On video, Jade Lagardère announces her separation on Instagram

"Hey no I'm not single"

Mais que fabrique Jade Lagardère ?

The announcement of this celibacy after eight years of love then poses many questions.Not to mention that the latest Instagram posts by Jade Lagardère - "you should not always turn the page, sometimes you have to tear it", or "never accept to be plan B" - were already confusing confusion.But now a few hours later, the 1.82 m brunette, now a comic strip, retracts in a new story on her Instagram account.

"Obviously my answer yesterday by pulling your tongue all challenged you: hey no I am not single," she post.Indeed, by answering "yes" to the question of whether she was single, she had been "visibly" very clear.But whatever.Jade Foret, because it is no longer a contradiction near, then erased this last story, that of withdrawal, leaving its 800.000 subscribers...distraught.

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