At what age pierce children's ears?

At what age pierce children's ears?

Whether it's a cultural tradition, a family ritual, or a request from children, ear piercing is always in vogue. stern. But from what age can we do it? Pediatrician Danièle Bloch tells us everything you need to know before taking the plunge.At what age should children's ears be pierced? At what age should children's ears be pierced?

In some families, the ears of little girls are pierced when they are only a few weeks or months old, for aesthetic reasons, because they want to adorn their lobe with jewelry, or because that it has been a tradition for generations. In others, we wait for the child to request it. Which usually happens when little girls see their classmates sporting cute earrings at school. What is the best age for piercing, which is not such a trivial act?

Needle, gun...What are the tools used to make a hole in the ear?

There are several techniques to make a hole in the ear. In jewelry, an ear piercing gun is used to pierce the lower part of the lobe. A quick gesture but which can be quite violent for a child. The other downside to the gun is that it propels a blunt object into the ear, which can cause a bump on the back of the earlobe called a keloid scar.

Piercing professionals prefer to use a single-use hollow needle, rather than a gun, because it is less traumatic for the tissues of the skin.

At what age can children's ears be pierced?

There is no law stating the minimum age at which children's ears can be pierced.

When to pierce baby's ears?

In some families, the ears of little girls are pierced when they are babies and only a few weeks or months old. In Spain and Latin American countries, many little girls have their ears pierced in the days following their birth. They come out of the maternity ward with their ears pierced.

Some child care professionals advise waiting for the child to give his opinion and ask for it himself, in order to respect his physical integrity. Because like a piercing or a tattoo, an ear piercing can be considered a permanent body modification.

Why is it advisable to wait one or two years?

At what age to pierce children's ears

In France, there are many jewelers who refuse to pierce the ears of a child before the age of two, or of a baby before he has had all his vaccinations. "I recommend waiting until the child is at least a year old to take him to have his ears pierced," explains Danièle Bloch, pediatrician. Before, the lobe is a little small and it is difficult to hold the child's head.

It is often when entering primary school that little girls wish to have their ears pierced, when they see their classmates wearing small earrings in the shape of a flower or a dolphin...

Ear piercing in babies: what are the risks?

Piercing the ears of a newborn is far from being a trivial act. We pass through the skin barrier and this represents a small bodily trauma for the young child. If this act is poorly performed, there may be consequences for the health of the baby, in particular dermatological or infectious problems.

Several elements must be taken into account before making a decision.

Pain, risk of infection and allergy

Before taking the child to have his ears pierced, you will have to explain to him how it will happen, with kindness and in simple words, without denying the fact that he may have a little evil. Which is easier from 24 months.

How long to keep the piercing prostheses or "medical loops"?

To ensure that the skin does not cover the hole and clog it, the child will wear titanium, surgical steel or gold medical earrings, for four to six weeks in general. These have a rounded tip, a secure clasp and a long post, thicker than normal earrings. They are removed when it is certain that the healing is complete, then they are thrown away. The healing period varies from person to person.

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Jewellery, piercing salon... Where to have a baby's or child's ears pierced?

For ear piercing, you can go to a jewelry store or a piercing salon, where professional "piercers", whose core business is, sometimes have equipment that is much more suitable. In any case, it is not the price that should guide the choice of location, but its good hygienic conditions. Ideally, you need a room dedicated to piercing, where the work surface will be disinfected after each client has visited, and a professional who uses a sterilized needle, gloves and disposable equipment, in order to limit the risk of infection. .

Note that some ENT doctors and dermatologists are authorized to pierce children's ears, which can reassure parents. Prices vary here too, depending on the consultation fee.

How much does it cost to get your ears pierced?

In a jewelry store, the price for ear piercing is around 15 euros. In a piercing salon, it will easily be double. Prices vary from professional to professional.

What precautions to take after ear piercing?

After ear piercing, pay attention to all signs of infection: swollen lobes, excessive redness, discharge of pus, bad smell... and do not hesitate to consult a doctor in case of doubt. It is also necessary to provide daily care to the pierced ear.

After installation, let 4 or 5 days pass, then gently turn the earring, applying a little saline to remove the impurities stuck to the stem of the jewel, with the clean hands of course.

“For the first few weeks, the hole must be disinfected, without removing the medical earloops, several times a day, with an antiseptic solution such as Biseptine, adds Dr. Danièle Bloch. We pass a cotton soaked all around the loop by twirling the stem so that the product goes well everywhere, passing in front of and behind the lobe. » If it is found that the child is in pain or scratches often, it is also better to make an appointment with his doctor.

You also have to make him understand that he should touch his ear as little as possible. Not always easy with a young child! Medical earrings must remain in place for the time indicated by the professional.

What jewelry should your child wear?

When the healing is complete, we will finally be able to choose pretty earrings to adorn the lobe of our little one. We avoid hanging loops, such as sleepers or hoops, because there is a risk of tearing when the child plays, alone or with his friends. We prefer “ear chips” (small earrings placed on the lobe), which will stay in place and present no risk of snagging. If your child is old enough, let her choose: flowers, turtles, butterflies, dolphins, owls... the choice is wide! This will help her to be patient, to go from her medical curls to real little jewels.

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