Shopping Online: Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Clothes Online

Shopping Online: Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Clothes Online

Like us, many of you order your latest favorites on the Internet. But are you sure you really need this part? What are the mistakes to avoid when buying online? Here are some tips for more efficient shopping.

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With the closure of most physical stores, the period of confinement was conducive to online shopping. But once the buying frenzy has passed, it's a disappointment for many consumers: useless purchase, higher price than at the competitor's or poor quality... To avoid being trapped again, follow these few tips.

Buy what you need

It's happened to you at least once: you walk into a store and you come out with something that not only you hadn't planned to buy , but mostly that you don't really need. Well, on the internet, the trap is the same. This can be explained by the omnipresence of the offer on social networks, too much importance given to clothing, but also by fashion effects. It happens indeed to buy a garment because everyone has it. Before entering your credit card numbers, be sure that you really need this piece and that you don't already have similar clothes. It might bother you more than anything else.

Compare prices

On the internet, compare before you buy. Finding the right product is good, at the best price is better. To do this, spend time on the various sites to find THE pearl. Just enter the name of the piece (hoodie, cashmere sweater, 7/8 pants, etc.) you want in the search bar of the various e-shops. You just have to fall for the cheapest part of equivalent quality. Vinted, Vestiaire Collective, Ethic2hand... Don't forget the sites and applications for reselling clothes, which are more economical and above all more ethical!

Do not order your clothes online in the evening

Online shopping mistakes to avoid when buying clothes on the internet

Who hasn't bought on a whim? Everyone has unnecessary purchases in their cupboards. Often they are the result of compulsive shopping at a late hour. You know when you're about to go to bed and find yourself scrolling for hours on e-shops! Do not let yourself be tempted in these moments of fatigue. Any purchase must be carefully considered. To do this, give yourself a moment during the day when your concentration is at its maximum or even better, create a basket in the evening and only validate it the next day to see if you still want it. As we often say: the night brings advice.

Don't blindly trust positive reviews

Can you still trust online customer reviews? Distrustful of brand promises, consumers now rely on the opinions of their peers to verify their veracity. But beware, some sites may resort to subterfuge: buying opinions from third-party companies, writing false opinions from competitors or even filtered publication of customer opinions to keep only the positive ones. So, if you still have doubts about buying a garment, don't be fooled by "customer reviews"...

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