3 ways to save (at least) €100 each time you stay in France

3 ways to save (at least) €100 each time you stay in France

Psssssst! Do you know that each time you go to France, you miss an opportunity to save 100 precious euros? See instead...

How come?

Local products, electronic equipment, cosmetics, luxury products, clothing for the whole family, pharmacy items, baby products, books and board games in French… We are all impatiently waiting for the return to France to refuel! 🛍🛒

The best part is that VAT is refundable on each of these items.

On two conditions: you live outside the EU and you take the said items in your luggage. This is called the tax refund.

While “classic” tax refund services have been around for a number of years, they do not meet the needs of the 21st century traveler... This is why Le Petit Journal has been recommending and using it since its creation , the free ZappTax app. For many reasons that you can discover here, including the attractiveness of their reimbursement rate (up to 90% of VAT reimbursed).

During each stay in France, a ZappTax user saves an average of €160!!!

How do they do it?

1. Purchases of electronic products 📱

As surprising as it may seem, it is profitable for you to make your electronic purchases in France! Telephone, computer, tablet, game console, household appliances, etc.

You save hundreds of euros on these products and you benefit from their interface (and the guarantee) directly in French, without the fuss!

3 ways to save (at least ) 100€ for each stay in France

For example, the iPhone 11, available from €809 at Fnac, comes back to you, thanks to ZappTax, for only €701, i.e. €108 in savings!

2. Cosmetics and beauty products 💄

It is well known, France is a leader in the field with internationally acclaimed brands such as L'Oréal, Yves Rocher, L'Occitane, Estée Lauder, and many more. These products cost a small fortune in a good number of countries and many expats choose to wait until they return to France in order to buy in large quantities (for themselves but also to bring back to their friends).

Good news here too, for a basket of €750 including tax, you get €100 back with ZappTax!

Note that certain pharmacy products can also benefit from the tax refund. 😉

3. Luxury products ✨

Would you like to indulge yourself with a little madness? A Chanel bag? Louboutin shoes? A Louis Vuitton jacket? A Hermes scarf?

This is obviously THE kind of purchase that should be zero-rated!!!

Even more interesting, from 2500.01€ of purchases (over the entire stay), ZappTax reimburses you 90% of the VAT! For purchases worth a total of €3000, it's €450 that comes back to your pocket! Crazy, right?

I'm in!

If you too want to take advantage of the ZappTax advantages, don't wait any longer! For any new account created (for free) during the month of November...

ZappTax refunds 100% of the VAT on your next first 100 euros of purchases*

*Once your account is created, you can take advantage of the offer until December 31 of next year (2021).

To access this offer, CLICK HERE. And to learn more about ZappTax, click here.