Neo and Trinity, 18 years later: the photo of the reunion of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in "Matrix"

Neo and Trinity, 18 years later: the photo of the reunion of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in "Matrix"

Two actors dressed in black, in a small cold room with greenish colors, strewn with dead leaves and looking faded... It is in a dark atmosphere that we found one of the most emblematic couples in science- fiction. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss indeed posed together in an interview with the American magazine Entertainment Weekly, which they made the front page of on Tuesday, November 30, for the promotion of the film Matrix Resurrections, fourth part of the saga.

Neo and Trinity will therefore be reunited again on the big screen in this feature film which will be released in theaters on December 22. A reunion that neither Keanu Reeves nor Carrie-Anne Moss could have predicted. “I was totally shocked. I didn't see it coming,” Carrie-Anne Moss recalled of director Lana Wachowski's first text message, followed by a phone call to tell her about the project.

“It was one of those phone calls that even if you're at home you pick up,” said Keanu Reeves. As a reminder, in Matrix, in 1999, the actor embodied Thomas Anderson, a hacker better known under the name of Neo, to whom a mysterious character, Morpheu (Laurence Fishburne) revealed that what he perceived as reality was in makes a vision projected by an artificial intelligence. A plot set in a dystopian future where this famous Matrix, created by men, had enslaved them and relegated them to the rank of simple organisms "dreaming" their lives in slimy cocoons. Carrie-Anne Moss, meanwhile, slipped into the skin of Trinity, a member of the Morpheus crew with whom Neo was trying to free humans from the grip of the machines.

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Neo et Trinity, 18 ans après : la photo des retrouvailles de Keanu Reeves et Carrie-Anne Moss dans

When co-director Lily Wachowski mentioned the two actors would be reprising their roles, the actress was thrilled. “Most of my scenes are shot with Keanu, and it was just a pleasure to sit in front of him and start again (to play together, editor’s note)”, can we read. The last chapter of the saga, Matrix Revolutions (2003), indeed suggested that we would never see these cult characters again.

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But in Matrix Resurrections, we find the two protagonists, even if they have forgotten everything about their past lives. "When I first read the script - I was with Keanu sitting at a table - I had no idea how we were going to get back into this world," Carrie-Anne Moss continued. Before concluding: “I fantasized it in my head, in the form of three different scenarios. I was still far from the truth. Which will therefore be unveiled a few days before Christmas.

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