Louis Vuitton sends Sylvain Tesson and François Schuiten to Mars

Louis Vuitton sends Sylvain Tesson and François Schuiten to Mars

"In the near future, human demography explodes, the atmosphere records record temperature increases, the soils have become sterile.A man and a woman, Adam and Eve, of a new era, are sent on a mission to Mars to explore the red planet and assess the potential for human survival.»»

This is how Vuitton editions present their next title.A book illustrated by François Schuiten, among other co-author with his childhood friend, screenwriter Benoît Peeters, from the cult series Les Cities obscure, published between 1983 and 2009.In 2019, François Schuiten also participated in the return of the Blake and Mortimer series with the writers Thomas Gunzig and Jaco Van Dormael.

Drawing band: Back to the source for Blake and Mortimer for the 75th anniversary of the series

Louis Vuitton envoie Sylvain Tesson et François Schuiten sur Mars

For this book, François Schuiten was able to draw inspiration from his experience in the Red Team-a commando of science fiction authors created by the French army in 2019-to imagine, and therefore prevent, the worst catastrophe scenarios'Horizon of 2060.

"Mars is not just a red planet.There is an infinite variety of geographic and geological nuances, very well documented from space by satellite images and, from the ground, by the data from the Rovers. J’ai voulu offrir une vision de la planète à hauteur d’homme»», confie-t-il.

With him, Sylvain Tesson, traveler and celebrated writer, especially for his story in the forests of Siberia (Gallimard, 2011), or more recently the Snow Panther (Gallimard, 2019).

« Seul un fin connaisseur de la solitude et du silence, du froid et de l’endurance, de la beauté fulgurante des paysages naturels pouvait visiter ces espaces inhabités»», explique François Schuiten, au sujet de la participation au projet de Sylvain Tesson.

"The red planet remains a child's dream, and it is this fascination that I wanted to transmit. Cet enfant est mon premier public»», ajoute l'illustrateur.

The Travel Book Mars by François Schuiten and Sylvain Tesson will be available in a current edition, in large format edition, drawn in 1000 copies, and in a limited and numbered edition drawn in 30 copies.

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