Decorative trip to little fresh

Decorative trip to little fresh

Mount a nice decoration can quickly lead to large invoices.On a low budget, is it possible?Sure !It is even the specialty of the stylist and blogger Stéphanie Guéritaud, who has hundreds of tracks to offer.At our invitation, she targeted articles and ideas to be used during a small hounding session with two affordable brands with radically opposite philosophies: Renaissance and Dollarama.

Publié le 29 août 2020
Sylvain SarrazinLa Presse

Renaissance, happy hand and good cause

The first part of our shopping morning takes place in one of the branches of Renaissance thrift stores, a non -profit organization which puts in very low price for used articles while promoting professional integration.A winning choice for socio-environmental conscience.There are a lot of clothes, as well as a roll of used objects and furniture of all kinds.It is necessary to patience, speed and happy hand, but by searching regularly, we sometimes manage to extract, between a kitsch statuette and a culinary old, interesting and very affordable ideas, especially if you are ready to apply them a little ofpainting and a lot of love.

The unbearable mobility of furniture

Some like trout fishing, Stéphanie Guéritaud prefers that to furniture.But as on water bodies, there are days and seasons, thrift stores knowing a continuous stock rotation.On the day of our passage, there was not much to put themselves under the tooth;A large very tired trunk ($ 24), a few ordinary chairs ... until a folding round table attracts the eye of the stylist, since it talked about it in an article recently published in our columns."This is the ideal table to ensure distancing right now and easy to store when you no longer need it," she recalls, suggesting to cover it, ceded to $ 9.75, vinylTo give it a second youth.It also offers to look for objects and small rattan furniture, a very trendy material.

Repeat the dishes

Small inspection tour in the dish department, where the blogger inspects the choices of the day.Impasse on the Mason jars, but some sets draw its attention, like beautiful green plates ($ 5.75) or a tea service with pretty and refined ornaments ($ 1.75 each)."We can make discoveries with interesting patterns or a simple strip of color, which can also make beautiful Christmas gifts, such as candles if we rework them.On the other hand, boredom with the sets is that they are sometimes incomplete, "she notes, adding that it is also the time to bail out glasses and vases, with clean forms.

Light ideas?

Make lamps in a thrift store, a brilliant strategy?There too, it's random.The stylist dismisses breast lighting (the famous Boob Lights) which "everyone wants to get rid" to consider a copper ramp ($ 4.75), "more beautiful than usual rails, with a vintage side".More or less convinced, it rather evokes the trail of the assemblies."We could simply buy a lamp for the foot and replace the lampshade, often ugly or stained, or buy several of different shapes and repaint them of the same color," she said, entering a golden lamp at $ 15who would find their place in someone who has an Art Deco style habitat.

To frame with the decor

Virée déco à peu de frais

If there is one place where it is worth coming to find executives, it is in the thrift stores like Renaissance, even if it means reworking them to her taste, underlines Stéphanie Guéritaud.There too, we play with the shapes to mentally compose a wall of frames before making your choice."The illustration is easily replaced, you can repaint them or play with the colors present.Here, we can make a reminder with the golden net, "she shows, harmonizing two frames ($ 3.75 each), also finding half a dozen matching pieces that would make a very beautiful set once the posters are substituted.

Beautiful literary slices

"Often, in people, I see libraries without books.It is however very simple to garnish and it is nice.They must be interesting, too, "she said, rummaging through the shelves, to extract a new decoration book, a little dated, but also under plastic film.She also gets her hands on several beautiful books (photography, styling, etc..) to highlight on a coffee table.At $ 3.75, the bill will certainly not be salty.

BRAC sections

By strolling through the shelves, other ideas are emerging: wooden hangers games which, in an entrance, will have a lot more class than their plastic equivalent;Boomerang paint pots (from $ 15 to $ 21 for 3.78 l), recycled and offered in 10 colors, including "Rose Millennium", prized in recent years;Articles for seasonal decorations, like Christmas, where illuminated casseroles and garlands find at low prices.

A D (ec) Ollarama?Not as a priority, but some ideas


The dollarama and other "stores to a piastre" have their followers, but also their detractors.Stéphanie Guéritaud, who rather relies on sustainable and reusable, prefers the attendance of flea markets and thrift stores to that of cheap chinese shopping windows."But there are sometimes decorative objects sold elsewhere for the price, for similar things and the same origin," she concedes.We have taken a ride to separate the good grain from the tares.

Bamboo and metal

There is another world of contrasts, where good and bad taste rub shoulders.The stylist decorates immediately some articles corresponding to the first, sober and made of metal, glass and bamboo: aluminum boxes for cookies or foods with pretty colors, which would have an effect on a shelf ($ 2.50at $ 4);Small glass jars with bamboo cover ($ 3);transparent bowls or coffee sets. « C’est simple, il n’y a ni marque ni logo, et c’est intemporel », considère Mme Guéritaud, qui brandit également une balayette en bambou et métal à 4 $, plus élégante que le plastique habituel.

Do not plant yourself

Some swear by the $ 4 false plants from the chain to mount their stylish shelf, but the blogger ignores, deeming them too artificial, and would rather dry real branches of eucalyptus.On the other hand, she does not hate patinated metal garden jars ($ 4), marrying the country trend (Farm House)."It is more durable than the plastic equivalent that we would find three rows further.With a bouquet of flowers, the old-fashioned side is well with a shabby chic decor, "she explains, also pointing the usefulness of the foam circles to arrange at the bottom of the pots to plant branches.

Ado room ideas

In the bedroom and decoration department, some inspirations for emerging teenage bedroom, like this mini-luminous message, imitating old cinema displays."All young girls want this in their room.Here, we have it in miniature for $ 4, ”notes the stylist, also brandishing adhesive panels of black board 2 m by 40 cm, where you can write in chalk, at $ 4 also - more practical thanto paint a wall.And these aphorisms in black letters to affix on Pan Blanc?The proposed quotes did not convince it.

For DIY enthusiasts


The section devoted to DIY can constitute an affordable tank for homemade enthusiasts (DIY, ie Do-it-Yourself): lace, jute rope, vinyl, drawing papers.An idea launched by the stylist: get clip boards ($ 1.50), hide this horrible card by a more elegant coating and make a wall to have its photos or illustrations.

In another order of ideas, for small budget weddings, we can draw tables with small decorative elements, such as glass jars decorated with lace.Classified ads platforms, for example Kijiji or Facebook marketplace, can reserve great affordable surprises and extend the life of products.

Other tracks

These are only two examples retained for experience, many others exist: the little brothers, the village of values, the Salvation Army, the “$ 1” stores… free to choose the shopswho respond the most to its values and needs.

Bet on regions!Stéphanie Guéritaud indicates that flea markets and thrift stores are even better garnished there, especially in furniture.

The stylist's blog is full of ideas of all kinds for low -budget decorations.Do not hesitate to consult it.It's free !

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