Young designer zoom: Meeting with Ethan K Prada Christian Dior Heidi Klum Keira Knightley Demi Moore Natalia Vodiano Naomi Campbell

Young designer zoom: Meeting with Ethan K Prada Christian Dior Heidi Klum Keira Knightley Demi Moore Natalia Vodiano Naomi Campbell

Leather work is a family story for you.Can you tell us a little more?

My family has been in the exotic leather business for four generations.It was my great grandfather who set up this company in Singapore, in the colonial era.And even today, we provide large houses like Hermès or Prada.

When did you decided to create bags and accessories?

I studied at the Saint Martins central in London, and one day I met a woman who flashed on the turquoise alligator cover of my laptop.She asked me where I bought it, and I replied that I had made it.She offered to go and take a look at her outfits, to make her a matching clutch.I knew after she was part of the royal family!I started making pocket money with other commands of rich customers, who had heard of me.And one day I said to myself "why not?", And I launched the brand Ethan K.

You use the crocodile a lot for your creations.Is this your favorite material?

The crocodile is like the diamond, each animal is unique.It is a very difficult and fragile material to work, you never really know how the skin will change once transformed.What I prefer is the leather of the crocodile "porosus" of Australia, and the alligator of Louisiana.

How would you define your style, your creations?

I like that my accessories are above all functional.Beautiful, but above all practical, not too fragile.I use a secret kept technique that my father transmitted to me, which makes the skin extremely light.Color work is also an important part of my work, I like bright colors.It is also very complex to color the crocodile well.I also try to stay in a fairly classic register.

You give a name to each of your parts.Can you tell us a little more?

I choose place names that evoke me a memory, an era, like a journey through time.The clutch "Mayfair" for example, is inspired by the Connaught Hotel in London.There is also the "Grosvenor" bag, inspired by door handles that we find in Grosvenor Square.Or the clutch "Chenonceau", like the French castle of the same name.

Zoom jeune créateur : rencontre avec Ethan K Prada Christian Dior Heidi Klum Keira Knightley Demi Moore Natalia Vodianova Naomi Campbell

Do you have creators that you particularly appreciate?

J'aime beaucoup les grandes maisons de joaillerie comme Boucheron ou Van Cleef & Arpels.But I also love the work of Alber Elbaz at Lanvin, its second skin dresses, which make all the beautiful women.

You live between London and Singapore, but do you have favorite addresses in Paris?

I love going to the scout, I find their selection of creators always interesting.Otherwise I really like the Royal Monceau as a hotel, and the Petit Palais, where I went to see the exhibition of the painter Jean-Louis Foraine.

What personality could your brand incarnate?

I really like Audrey Tautou that I just discovered in the film "Hors -Prix", I find her personality very interesting.And of course, Catherine Deneuve embodies the classic Parisian chic that I love.

So the Egerie Ethan K would be necessarily French?

Why not ?After all, luxury comes from France, right?

What are your projects ?

I work on a new collection that will be released in November.Some pieces will be set with semi-precious stones...

Discover Ethan K accessories at the scout in Paris, and on the CoutureLab

Interview by Mélody Kandyoti