What is the best travel pillow?

What is the best travel pillow?

Unless you fly exclusively first class – or own your own private jet – the only way to sleep on a long-haul flight is a travel pillow. Problem: there are a thousand and one models. Five criteria to remember to find the one that will make you forget the turbulence (and perhaps even the presence of noisy children on board).

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An accessory that guarantees comfort and support

This is the primary purpose of said cushion: to support the head and neck of the person who uses it and thus prevent him from waking up with a torticollis, headaches, pain or discomfort due to poor posture. To make your choice, we therefore rely on a solid accessory, which can support the weight of the head. The Grail: a shape memory pillow, which best suits everyone's anatomy and ensures good alignment between the neck and the spine. What about the other models, rigid or in microbeads? Except for short journeys, they are not recommended. The rigid cushion preventing its user from moving properly and the microbead cushion not providing enough support. Shape memory, therefore.

...easy to carry

The suitcase, the cabin bag, the vanity, the purchases impulsively bought in duty free… And the travel cushion. You have not even left yet that you are already overloaded. To lighten your weight, opt for a cushion that is easy to transport, neither too bulky nor too heavy. The ideal: a foldable pillow with storage bag that can be attached to hand luggage. What about the inflatable pillow? It is not recommended. In addition to being very uncomfortable - too inflated, they risk causing a torticollis, not enough, they have no use - there is a risk of a puncture, and therefore of having to change them quickly.


Another size criterion (no pun intended), the dimensions. The cushion must be large enough to prevent the head from tipping forward or to the sides, but at the same time, it must not encroach on the neighbor's seat. As much as possible, we will therefore bet on a universal size.

...easy care

The cushion care label is also one of the things to check before buying. It is imperative that the pillow be washable, or at least its cover, so that it can be cleaned after each use. And for good reason, in addition to lugging it everywhere in transport, whether on the Eurostar or the long-haul that takes you to the bay of Samana, in the Dominican Republic, you sleep and sweat on it. It can therefore quickly turn into a nest of germs, unless there is meticulous hygiene… in a machine.

...and sometimes expensive!

Last but not least, the price. It is better to invest in a quality cushion, which in addition to lasting you a long time, will have beneficial effects on your sleep on the plane (especially if you have a fragile neck and are prone to cervical pain), than on a first price. , which could aggravate your ailments. We will count between 20 and 40 euros on average for a quality travel pillow.

Shopping: our 8 favorite models

Cabeau Evolution Classic travel cushion, €29.99

What is the best travel pillow?

One of the travel pillows that caught our attention: the Cabeau Evolution Classic.

The plus: it is adjustable at the front, which allows for a personalized fit, and its velvet cover is washable.

The least: it does not come with a small travel bag to store it.

Cabeau Evolution Classic travel pillow, €29.99 to order on Amazon.com.

Tempur travel neck cushion, €69.00

The star of comfort. Thanks to a heat-sensitive viscoelastic material, this cushion exceeds the performance of other classic shape memory travel pillows. Only problem, it has no ties; neither to hang it on his bag, nor to adjust it to his neck.

Tempur travel neck cushion, €69.00, to order on Tempur.com.

Sandini travel pillow, €39.99

The one that adapts to all necks. Infinitely adjustable, it can suit men, women and children. Another positive point: its carrying pouch is included.

Sandini travel cushion, €39.99, to order on Amazon.com.

Limoges nomadic ergonomic cushion, Les Petits Cadors, €39

Another pillow that is worth seeing, this little eco-designed gem (from the recycling of plastic waste collected in rivers and streams around the world). Practical and comfortable, it can be used in transport, but also on a deckchair by the pool, in a hammock or in the grass for a comfortable picnic.

Limoges nomadic ergonomic cushion, Les Petits Cadors, €39.00, to order on Nature & Discoveries.

Travel pillow made of organic spelled husks, Mille, €39.90

Those who prefer organic and made in France travel will naturally turn to this light, malleable and fairly fluid neck brace. Its spelled husk filling produces a natural crackle and gives off a sweet smell of a farm barn: ideal to bring us back to authenticity and nature.

Travel cushion in organic spelled husks, Mille, €39.90, to order on Clairenature.com.

Kine Travel travel pillow, €19.90

Developed with physiotherapists specializing in the back, this travel cushion guarantees comfort and stability. Depending on your needs, it can also be transformed into a rectangular extra pillow. A two in one, which our sleep is likely to greatly appreciate.

Kine Travel travel cushion, €19.90, to order on Amazon.com.

Travel Earth Udream travel pillow, €29.90

It is the one that is unanimous with all travelers if we are to believe the rave travel blog posts about it. It ticks all the boxes: it is a memory foam pillow that promises flexible and effective support. It adjusts easily, its cover is washable and it is sold with a carrying bag. All at a very low price.

Travel Earth Udream travel pillow, €29.90, to order on Amazon.com.