Theft of packages, fire in Fontainebleau, the cheapest fuel... news in Seine-et-Marne

Theft of packages, fire in Fontainebleau, the cheapest fuel... news in Seine-et-Marne

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Didn't have time to follow the news this week from October 11 to 17, 2021? Here is the summary of the main information that took place in Seine-et-Marne.

Monday October 11

Seine et Marne. Aurore Gauthier world champion in roller-hockeySacred world champion in roller-hockey with the French women's team for the first time in history, Féréopontaine Aurore Gauthier, captain of Les Bleues, confides.

Near Melun. Dozens of parcels hijacked at La Poste's sorting platformFour suspects were arrested after parcels were hijacked at La Poste's sorting platform in Montereau-sur-le-Jard. They were received at Darvault.

Tuesday October 12

Seine et Marne. The fight of Aline, 43, suffering from so-called incurable cancerAline, mother of three children, originally from Gretz-Armainvilliers, is fighting hard against cancer declared incurable by French oncologists.

RER D: clashes between rival gangs at Savigny-le-Temple station Two young people were injured on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, on the sidelines of a clash between two gangs of teenagers, in Savigny-le-Temple. RER D traffic is disrupted.

Wednesday October 13

Petrol, diesel: where to find the cheapest fuel in Seine-et-Marne? Since August 2021, fuel prices have been rising due to the price of a barrel of crude. In Seine-et-Marne, significant discrepancies are observed in service stations.

Fontainebleau-Avon. Student residence: the tone rises after the destruction of the forest house The collective of residents failed to save the forest house on rue du Rocher d'Avon, destroyed while waiting for the building permit for the future student residence.

Thursday October 14

Two pizza makers from Seine-et-Marne on the podium of the French championshipsFriday September 24, 2021, Lotfi Felfel and Eric Morieux finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in the French Neapolitan pizza championships, which took place in Lyon.

Seine et Marne. Closure of the La Poste office in MelunThe Poste Gallieni office, at Melun station, is closing its doors definitively on Friday October 15, 2021. If two relays are going to open, the closure is not going well with the inhabitants.

Friday October 15

Seine et Marne. This city where Samuel Paty taught for three years pays homage to him From 2008 to 2011, Samuel Paty was a history and geography teacher at Lafayette high school in Champagne-sur-Seine. A year after his assassination, the City wanted to pay tribute to him.

Fontainebleau. A year of work to transform the Place de l'Etape On October 25, the impressive construction site begins which will completely transform the Place de l'Etape. Residents, traders and motorists will experience a year of construction.

Saturday October 16

The City of Fontenay-Trésigny acquires an additional 19 hectares of the castle parkAlready owner of 13 hectares of the park of the Duke of Epernon's castle, the municipality of Fontenay-Trésigny has positioned itself to acquire an additional 19 hectares.

Seine et Marne. She makes a fortune by hijacking luxury bags The 26-year-old young woman, who worked for the subcontractor of a luxury leather goods manufacturer, allegedly hijacked around twenty bags that she resold on the Internet.

Sunday October 17

Seine et Marne. 30 years ago, the Melun train disaster killed 16 people On October 17, 1991, two trains collided head-on at Melun station, killing 16 people. Thirty years later, they recount this day engraved in their memory.

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Spectacular fire in the old barracks of FontainebleauSaturday October 16, 2021. the disused military barracks of Les Subsistances in Fontainebleau was destroyed by an impressive fire.

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