Nabilla spoiled by Thomas Vergara at Christmas: this gift with several figures that her husband offered her!

Nabilla spoiled by Thomas Vergara at Christmas: this gift with several figures that her husband offered her!

""You're crazy,"" said Nabilla to Santa Claus...or rather in Thomas Vergara.On Snapchat, the young mother unveiled the gift her husband offered her.

Indeed, the latter once again hit the millet by offering its beautiful a new luxury accessory sound.And not just any, since it is a Hermès bag, the traditional Birkin collection.Connoisseurs (or connoisseurs) know that to be the owner, it is necessary to pay several tens of thousands of euros.According to several estimates circulating on the web, the bags produced in small quantities by Hermès would be around 80,000 euros.

The former candidate of Secret Story or even angels indicated that the color of this bag is very difficult to find because of its rarity.Anyway, the one who will celebrate her 29th birthday on February 5.The whole family then took the direction of the house of the grandmother of Thomas, for a raclette.

Le sac qui fait polémique !A l'occasion des 28 ans de sa femme, le papa de Milann l'avait emmenée aux Maldives et lui avait offert un sac Hermès baptisé Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Birkin, considéré comme l'un des plus chers et les plus rares au monde.Its price is estimated at 300,000 euros.

If the main interested party had expressed her joy, it had triggered the anger of the Peta.""We know that Nabilla cares about the animal cause, but she certainly does not know that each crocodile skin bag is the product of atrocious suffering.We wrote to the star to inform her of this investigation video, in which we see employees cutting the neck of crocodiles and driving them metal stems along the spine while they are slowly emptying oftheir blood.These sensitive beings are struggling, in agony, and some are still stirring after being flayed in vivid, ""wrote in a statement the association for the defense of animal rights.

In response, Nabilla had dropped: ""Lots of people say it is not cool for crocodiles, but hey, it was not me who killed him...I know it's sad, but I didn't know he was in this matter.""

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