Kanye West: His darling Julia Fox had a love story with Drake?

Kanye West: His darling Julia Fox had a love story with Drake?

This is the question that turns Internet users!Before living a beautiful love story with her dear and tender Kanye West, did Julia Fox have a relationship with rapper Drake?MCE TV tells you all from A to Z!

A love story that surprises

After breaking with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West did everything to win her back.He suffered so much to see her so happy alongside Pete Davidson that he therefore decided to stand out to seduce her.

So he made tons of love declarations on social networks.Moreover !The artist even disguised himself as a green tree to get closer to the house of the reality TV star.

Despite all his efforts Kim Kardashian made the ear.She ignored her ex.She even revealed that her actions annoyed him at the highest point.Very upset, she therefore refused to come to her house for her daughter's birthday.

This is the reason why the rapper therefore decided to give up his love for Kim.A few days later, he got into a couple with Julia Fox.

His relationship shocked Internet users since they were very in love with the next day.Some fans thought he was going out with the young woman to make his ex jealous.

Kanye West: sa chérie Julia Fox a eu une histoire d’amour avec Drake ?

But what do we really know about the pretty brunette?According to corridor noises, the actress of Uncut Gems had a relationship with the number 1 enemy of Kanye West, namely Drake.Yes yes, you hear well!

Kanye West in peace with the ex of his darling

It is ultimately not a rumor.According to page six, Julia Fox did have a romantic relationship with Drake.Only here, she didn't last long.

Their story started in February 2020 after Drake congratulated her for her role in a gems.The rapper therefore made him nice surprises.He bought her luxury bags, including two Birkin from Hermès.

Moreover !Julia Fox would also have lived in the Drake manor in Toronto.But their passion died during the health crisis.The borders being closed, it complicated their history.

A source therefore declared to Fox: "They closed the border between Canada and the United States.And she had to go home ”.

So this is a revelation that could disappoint Kanye West.And for good reason, he hates Drake like nobody.What a shame, because they are very similar!The two men have the same passion for rap.

And above all, they have the same tastes with regard to women.Know that last November, the two rappers put water in their wine.

Indeed, they decided to make peace after playing together at the Larry Hoover concert in Los Angeles.

To date, Kanye West has fun with Julia Fox in Paris.The two lovebirds participate in Fashion Week where they have fun with wacky outfits.