Placement: Watch out for costs and taxes for vintage cars

Placement: Watch out for costs and taxes for vintage cars

Vous aimez les automobiles anciennes ? Pas besoin de rouler sur l'or pour vous en offrir une : de nombreux modèles s'affichent à des prix accessibles. Mais pour vous payer une belle cylindrée ou une sportive de marque renommée dans l'espoir d'en retirer un gain confortable à la revente, vous devrez prévoir un budget plus élevé en veillant à ne pas acheter trop cher.

We save to finance his dreams, for his old days, for his children, to face the hard blows of life and in all cases to build up additional income and a solid heritage.After having full of useful and profitable investments, in particular real estate with the acquisition of its main residence, and rental investment, nothing prevents us from considering prestigious pleasure placements by collecting goods and objects which can report asAncient vintage cars.

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Une passion à 4 000 euros par an

Whatever the objects of his passion, the reasonable collector must only invest in sums that are likely to be sorely missing if a hard blow occurs in his life, resulting in a drop in his current income or a substantial increase in his charges.According to the latest survey of the International Federation of Old Vehicles, the owners of collector cars are mainly men whose average age is 58 years, exercising professional activity as employees or self -employed, 45% are retired.They are thus 400,000 collectors, more than half of which are part of a club devoting to their passion on average 3,938 euros per year.The average price of an old car amounts to 26,340 euros.Citroën and Peugeot are the most represented brands, i.e. one in three car.Next come Renault and Volkswagen.Porsche, Mercedes and Triumph represent 12% of the market.

If you have a really very modest budget, you will find from 10,000 euros, sometimes a little less, a robust small 2 CV for example.With a budget of 15,000 euros, you will go behind the wheel of a Dauphine or a DS 23 in good condition, which will allow you to enter the large family of collectors and participate in outings or rallyes.The privilege of driving a "luxury beautiful" or a sports sedan that throws it, requires opening your carriers largely, and counting between 30,000 and 50,000 euros, even beyond 100,000 euros for the top of the market.In recent years, the price of vintage cars has gone away."The evolution of the HAGI index (Historic Automobile Group International) reflecting the evolution of collector prices, which has experienced more than 250% since its creation in 2008", recalls the world.

Placement : attention aux frais et aux impôts pour les voitures anciennes

Des frais à ne pas négliger

If you hope to resell your vintage car with a comfortable gain, you must buy the right selection criteria from the acquisition.Collectors are very demanding about the authenticity of vehicles, which must have kept their body and their original engine if possible, and be in good condition.The traces of rust corrosion show the poor maintenance condition of the collector's car: to run away absolutely.

Also check, before buying the proper functioning of the doors and the trunk.In the same brand was mythical, not all models are created equal, the rarity which gives the unique character pushes the price upwards.The models made in very small series or of which they remain very few copies on the market have resolutely the side.

Beyond the acquisition of a vintage car, costs are expected, in particular maintenance, insurance and garage.To circulate on public roads, an automobile must have a registration certificate to be asked of the National Agency for Secure Titles.You will be delivered to you a "collector vehicle" gray card if it has been:

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The mention of collection vehicles on the gray card is very important because it allows you to have a technical control carried out every five years, while the frequency is two years for other vehicles.Auto insurance is compulsory for all motor vehicles.Rolling little, on average less than 1000 kilometers per year, collector cars are offered insurance at appropriate prices.If it is a great value of value, it is wise not to just choose a simple "civil liability insurance" but to opt for an all -risk insurance contract.To take out a collection car insurance, you will have to contact a specialized insurance broker.Another necessity, which is also a current requirement of the insurer: a garage which closes in key.An expense to budget to pay the rental of a secure garage if you do not have a.

Le fisc veille

When you decide to resell your vintage car, the taxman has his little word to say and can invite you to go to the checkout or not.The resale of a vintage car at a price greater than 5,000 euros leads to the payment of the flat -rate tax on precious objects set at 6% of the sale price to which is added 0.5% under the CRDS.Ie a total taxation of 6.5% of the sale price which takes the place of taxation of added value.The taxation does not apply if the vintage car is sold to a museum or if the sale price is less than 5,000 euros.

If the payment of the flat-rate tax of 6.5% of the sale price seems disadvantageous, you can opt for the common law tax regime on movable property.In this case, the net capital gain made on the sale of your collector car is taxed for income tax at the rate of 19% increased by 17.2% under the CSG, the CRDS, and theSolidarity levy, an overall taxation of 36.20% of the net amount of added value.In practice, it is rarely interesting to opt for the capital gains diet.Unless you have had the collector vehicle for over 22 years since in this case the capital gain is exempt from income tax by the annual reduction game.

This exemption only applies to income tax, social security contributions at the rate of 17.2% on the net capital gain remaining after application of the abuses.As with sales of real estate which are not main residences, the capital gain made on a collector car will be completely exempt from any levy than after a period of detention of thirty years.

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