Sell your gold: is this the right time?

Sell your gold: is this the right time?

Whether you are resident or expatriate, gold is a very secure financial investment and a stable refuge value, timeless and accessible to all.After buying it, it is also possible to resell your precious metal at any time.In order to avoid losses and to collect profits, it is essential to be well informed about the value of gold, and to resell your property at the most suitable time.What is it right now?Is it favorable to resell your gold right now?We tell you everything.

What was the evolution of the golden price in 2021?

You should know that the price of gold is very fluctuating from one month to the next.Indeed, several factors impact the evolution of the price of gold, such as supply and demand, speculation, as well as the political and economic situation of the country.

Over the past 6 months, the value of gold has generally displayed an upward trend.There is indeed an increase of +5 % of the golden price between April and October 2021.On October 12, 2021, the price of the Once d'Or was thus € 1,521.80, according to the Banque de France (which is equivalent to around € 53.68 for 1 gram of gold).

Vendre son or : est-ce le bon moment ?

If the high course of gold seems to stagnate for a few weeks, it is not impossible that its value is falling soon.Therefore, it is better not to delay to resell its gold, the period being currently very conducive to the buyout of this precious metal.

How to resell your gold at the best price?

You can resell your gold at any time, whatever the form and quantity (jewelry, gold coins, gold bars, ingotins ...).

There are many buyers dedicated to the sale and takeover of gold (banks, specialized shops, agencies and online brokers, etc.).The latter freely fix the buyout prices.

To resell your precious metal without making losses, it is therefore essential to find out well on the official course of gold when you plan to resell it.Also remember to carefully compare the different sales platforms, because large price differences can exist.

To make sure to resell your gold at the market price, it is rather recommended to turn to a renowned and specialized agency.

In addition, you should know that in France, the sale of gold is subject to a flat -rate tax of 11 %.It can therefore be very advantageous to resell your property outside France.

Belgium is particularly favorable for the resale of gold, because no tax is applied to this operation, unlike many other European countries.This allows you to benefit from a very attractive buyout rate.

David jewelry, based in Brussels, offers for example purchasing and sale of gold at the best price.Experts from this specialized agency give you wise advice, carefully expert your gold and consider its value at the right price, with the greatest professionalism and in total transparency.