Seiko puts himself at Apple Watch time |Watchgeneration

Seiko puts himself at Apple Watch time |Watchgeneration

Qui a dit : « Seiko est une marque sans identité claire » ? Akio Naito, qui n’est autre que… le président de la Seiko Watch Corporation. Juriste de formation, passé par la filiale australienne de la maison horlogère japonaise, Naito n’a pu que constater la montée en puissance d’Apple, sur le marché des montres à moins de 1 000 € qui a fait la fortune de Seiko.Seiko se met à l’heure de l’Apple Watch | WatchGeneration Seiko se met à l’heure de l’Apple Watch | WatchGeneration

Main actor of the "quartz revolution" which devoted the end of the hegemony of Swiss houses and propelled the Asian watchmakers on the front of the stage, Seiko is now a spectator of the "Revolution of connected watches" which is playedin the USA.From 219 to 1,579 €, the Apple Watch range perfectly covers the heart of the activity of the Japanese house, the divers of the Prospex range and the pretty tocantes of the PRESAGE range.

Incceptable seiko 5 to the delicate Credor, from a few tens to a few tens of thousands of euros, Seiko makes the big gap."By wanting to be" everything for everyone ", we have become" everything for anyone "," deplores the new president of the Japanese watchmaker.However before his appointment last April, Akio Naito had revitalized the Grand Seiko brand, which is starting to make a reputation in Europe and the United States.

Seiko se met à l’heure de l’Apple Watch | WatchGeneration

Grand Seiko presents itself as a brand offering "good quality and good performance for the price", of luxury accessible, but no less desirable.A "Japanese Rolex", in short, capable of offering the same level of finish and technological innovations such as the Spring Drive movement.Last year, sales increased by 30 % outside Japan.

Swiss industry has reached the same conclusions.While Apple Watch sales are growing from 20 to 30 % per year, traditional tocante sales are seriously stinging from the nose, except on the watches segment at more than € 2,800.The proponents of the Geneva tradition display an insolent health, but Fossil sold in Google, Apple pushed the market upwards.

Will this tangential competition become frontal competition?According to the latest Piper Sandler survey, Apple dethroned Rolex with the firmament of the favorite watch brands for adolescents in the American middle classes, almost all of which have an iPhone.Watchmakers prefer to believe that Apple Watch will generate vocations.After all, we have two wrists ...