Boucheron, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels the ten jewelry to remember from the Haute Joaillerie in July 2020

Boucheron, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels the ten jewelry to remember from the Haute Joaillerie in July 2020


La tête dans les nuages, Claire Choisne aura mis trois années pour donner corps à sa vision céleste aussi poétique qu'apaisante. Comme toujours dans la haute joaillerie Boucher, ce sont les matières qui se plient aux folles envies de la directrice artistique, entourée d'un département recherche et développement des plus renversants. Après le coup d'éclat de ses Fleurs Eternelles, c'est donc une autre prouesse high-tech qui vient marquer cette collection Contemplation. Au cœur de toutes les convoitises et conversations cette saison donc, se trouvait cette goutte d'Aérogel : 99.8% d'air et un brin de silice seulement... Soit la matière la moins dense au monde, que l'on retrouve d'ordinaire plutôt du côté de la Nasa, pour capturer l'insaisissable.Boucher, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels Les dix bijoux à retenir de la haute joaillerie de juillet 2020 Boucher, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels Les dix bijoux à retenir de la haute joaillerie de juillet 2020

Van Cleef & Arpels

Upset at 2021, the traditional collection of theme of the house of the house is exceptionally leaving this season to a series of extraordinary rooms. Un incroyable set d'émeraudes transformable (inspiré de la parure de la princesse Faiza de 1929) ou des diamants éclatants qui devaient être dévoilés en septembre lors de l'exposition «Pierres Précieuses» animée par la maison Van Cleef & Arpels au Muséum national d'histoire naturelle.But it is the stunning volume of this incendiary red cuff that won the bet in early July.A feat for the house, which had already taken out of its chests in March 2019 a salvo of ruby which rather held the rare specimen.So these are some 84.74 Ruby carats Size Burma cushion that punctuate this bracelet with highly desirable asymmetry. Un trésor fatal qui fait revivre la propre création Jarretière forgée en 1937 par Van Cleef & Arpels pour parer la peau diaphane de Marlene Dietrich.

Tiffany & Co.

Après un millésime 2019 dédié à la fantaisie couture des années Jean Schlumberger, la maison Tiffany & Co.This season comes back to a more minimal purity with Extraordinary Tiffany.Spinellas and tanzanites of course, but it is especially this deluge of immaculate carats that hold our attention here.A waltz of emerald sizes or princess simply placed on a platinum wire to corsic the traditional row of diamonds of a pretty variable geometry.


Boucher, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels Les dix bijoux à retenir de la haute joaillerie de juillet 2020

Flashback: It was at the end of February and Chaumet marked the launch of Paris Fashion Week by reopping its historic salons of 12 Place Vendôme.A year of work to awaken this beautiful sleepy around a new licked narration which will have resolutely anchored architecture in the minds of all the craftsmen of the house.It was therefore only a question of time before Chaumet put in perspective the fruits of his research around a collection of Haute Joaillerie, the majority of which could be presented in time this week, both physically anddigitally.In the viewfinder of this allured line, the aerial hunt for these pieces with a lace finish, but also an Art Deco labyrinth or a game of golden ribbons Homage to the metal sculptures of the architect Frank Gehry.A nice journey through time and space, punctuated by pear size emeralds and stunning sizes.


It is a real race against the clock that hired Valérie Messika on the day of the deconfine.While her workshops in Haute Joaillerie, installed above her Parisian offices, went back to work, she hastened to get her hands on some of the most beautiful white, pink or blue diamonds that her father, André Messika, had available and focused on her two obsessions of the moment: the rings and the allured earrings of which she has the secret.Much more than the name of the collection, aerobatics is done here literal since together, they will have succeeded in the ultimate shine, getting out more than 18 pieces with stunning center stones in just a month and a half of hard work.All exposed today under the amazed gaze of all those who participated in this feat, alongside another treasure of the house, the set Diamond Equalizer worn at the beginning of the year by Beyoncé in person.


Kunzites and outdoor opals, winding sapphires or clear-haired marine....It is under a filter close to the dream that Maison Cartier passes its treasures of Haute Joaillerie this season.A play of volume and colors which is admired here on this ring which must be contemplated in 3D to grasp the speckled fur of this tropical panther, full of a coral reflection recalling the most beautiful hours of the house household.


After a stopover in the desert and its mystical oases, it is a stopover in pursuit of its birds of paradise that Piaget signed this season this season.A collection presented at a distance and fully thought in 23 ornaments.Much more than a pure design aspect, this Corsican challenge of course the game for the chief gemologist of the Piaget house which no longer runs after a single stone, but aims for perfect pairing.The result ?A new look at these Ruby from Mozambique with fatal red which come to adorn this game of wings of desire.


Only a year ago, Buccellati celebrated its Creation Centenary in Paris in Paris.The months have since passed, the world has stopped turning and the house resumes its race smoothly, while finishing photographing the rooms that will decorate the eponymous book of the house which will be presented at Assouline at the start of the school year.At the head of the first line under the Richemont pavilion, a series of timeless people who tell in their delicate curves the know-how of the Italian house, like this flexible bracelet with magnetic gold duo.

Lydia Courteille

Amazon, Argentina, Peru, Russia...Mémorphosed into precious stones and inspired narrations, Lydia Courteille's travel memories resonate with a rarely equal poetry.For this season, the designer and collector takes up an Ottoman thread that she had initiated with her Topkapi pieces and pushes beyond the banks of Istanbul, direction the road to.A metaphorical caravan where dromedar rings are met, jasper earrings with desert nuances before approaching Persian myths or religious influences that line the old Mesopotamia.As always with Lydia, the drawings are glaring of truth, the volumes daring and doubles, but above all it is a pinch of this forgotten era that she manages to recreate with pieces mixing her love of the old with her talent for therenewal.Or a double ring adorned with ancient coins or a lion with a mobile-cylinder seal, 5000 years old.

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