Stones of birth, crystals meet with House Romae

Stones of birth, crystals meet with House Romae

Si elle bat au tempo de l'horlogerie suisse depuis son plus jeune âge, Éléonor Picciotto, fille d'un des plus grands chasseurs de talents horlogers, a toujours cultivé une seconde passion pour les pierres. C'est d'ailleurs en remontant la piste de nouveaux créateurs de bijoux pour son site The Eye of Jewelry qu'elle se retrouve il y a deux ans au beau milieu du désert de l'Arizona. Une escale sous le soleil brûlant de Tucson, là où passionnés et acheteurs de la Place Vendôme achètent leurs spécimens rares pour les collections à venir.Birth stones, cristaux rencontre avec Maison Romae Birth stones, cristaux rencontre avec Maison Romae

"I started buying stones there, thinking I'D use them one day," recalls Éléonor Picciotto. There, she sharpens her gaze by discovering that there can be up to 75 different types of turquoise and begins a collection that she will then expand in Geneva. But it is during a visit to Chamonix that she will think of her first jewel: a raw glow collected only in the fine weather in the French Alps by seasoned crystallists.

Birth stones

A first word of mouth that brings his collection of stones to his mind. "when I saw that the word birthstone could be searched more than 400,000 times on the US Google, I realized there was a niche to take," she continues. Alongside crystal necklaces and straps of beaded glasses / masks, the third pillar of the house will revolve around a personalized candle. Two scents, one more baby with musk and almond, when the other wants to be more wooded, between cinnamon, blood orange and amber. At the bottom is a stone that corresponds to the month of birth of the chosen person: turquoise in December, garnet in January, malachite in May...

Birth stones, cristaux rencontre avec Maison Romae

Cut stones around the two carats, which she took the time to test in contact with vegetable wax before letting them rest at the bottom of the pot, waiting only to be collected once the candle has been consumed thanks to the kit provided for this purpose. A nice gift idea that caught the attention of the Bon Marché during the holiday season and which can now be found online, but also in Megève or at Montaigne Market Saint-Barth.

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